gmp Städtische Bühnen Theatre Workshops Frankfurt

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Work has been completed on gmp’s expansion and conversion of the scenery and costume workshops at Städtische Bühnen theatre in Frankfurt.

gmp Städtische Bühnen Theatre Workshops Frankfurt

gmp architectural studio has announced the completion of work on expansion of its scenery and costume workshops for Städtische Bühnen theatre in Frankfurt.
The key to the project is the new entrance to the “Kammerspiel”, which replaced the one built in 1980, now demolished.
The entrance is framed on the outside by the arcades of the eastern area, where the advertising hoarding announcing what’s on at the theatre, visible from far away, is built right into the façade.
To maximise use of the available space, the costume workshops were built above the eastern part of the building. The scenery workshops (carpentry, painting, metals, decoration, storage, etc.) occupy the southern part of the building.
The frame and the materials selected for the façade recall those of the existing buildings, and the complex creates a new focus of interest for the city on the banks of the River Main.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Volkwin Marg & Hubert Nienhoff + Holger Betz & Kristian Spenker
Project management: Bernd Gossmann
Scheme design team: Rüdiger von Helmolt, Brigitta Kortz, Felix Gast, Daniel Lampe
Detailed design team: Felix Gast, Nicole Jahn, Florian Klee, Brigitta Kortz, Christian Klimaschka, Felix Mantel, Antje Pfeifer
Site supervision: Alexis Michalec, Carsten Nawrath, Knut Nell, Jörg Schlieckmann, Mohammed Whaby, Bernd Adolf, Christoph Rückle
Client: Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main
GFA: 13,834.50 m²
Construction period: 2007-2010, 2014

Images courtesy of gmp - © Marcus Bredt



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