Exhibition GIUSEPPE TERRAGNI - The first architect of time

Paolo Rosselli,

Milan, Rome,

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Exhibition curators, Attilio Terragni and Italo Tomassoni use models, drawings and writings to outline Giuseppe Terragni, important Italian architect and to highlight the modern nature of his thought and his work.

Exhibition GIUSEPPE TERRAGNI - The first architect of time
Rationalism in Architecture is a product of modern civilisation as Renaissance was a product of the Humanistic culture. (Giuseppe Terragni)

This statement by the famous Italian architect is one of the keys that unlock the exhibition under the curatorship of Attilio Terragni and Italo Tomassoni for the CIAC (centre for Italian contemporary art) in Foligno.
Visitors are taken along a pathway where the architecture is made or even just designed by Terragni: the Casa del fascio di Como, the Sant’Elia kindergarten, the Giuliani-Frigerio communal residences, homes in Milan and the Danteum in Rome, just to mention some of his more famous works.

Giuseppe Terragni?s modern, modernità contemporary thought lies the fact that he did not see architecture as an architect?s individual or private action but rather as a powerful tool for social and political analysis and transformation, as a representation of the architect?s own time because “living in your own time is living in all times”.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: GIUSEPPE TERRAGNI - The first architect of time
Dates: 6 October - 9 December 2012
Location: ClAC Centro Italiano Arte Contemporanea (centre of Italian contemporary art) in Foligno, Italy
Gallery: © GT04. Photos by Paolo Rosselli


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