White and Grey Beauty: the beauty and originality of the new Marmi Maximum products

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The aesthetic of marble has always played a key role in the tradition of coverings throughout the world. With a glance back at the past to help pave the way towards the future, GranitiFiandre is extending its range of surfaces in technical ceramics with the addition of two new, original textures: White Beauty and Grey Beauty. With their sophisticated, exotic look, the two large tile surfaces perfectly enhance spaces and furniture with their eye-catching, immediate visual impact

White and Grey Beauty: the beauty and originality of the new Marmi Maximum products
The designs of the surfaces offer an even wider choice of effects for interior and exterior floors, thanks to the possibilities introduced by the use of technical ceramics.
With a selection of finishes that includes wood, resin, stone and concrete effects, today ceramics are no longer only ideal as a covering material but also make a flawless decorative component, playing a fundamental role in the world of interior design.
Despite the many new effects offered by the vast ceramic market today, in 2020 marble looks set to remain the most sought-after, contemporary choice of finish. 
Often those who work in the industry are asked to explain the reasons why they choose and favor marble effect ceramic stoneware over other products. In addition to the high intrinsic performances of ceramic stoneware (resilience, stability, easy to clean) certified by all industry standards, the plus points offered by the aesthetic of this material are not to be underestimated.
First of all, marble is a material with a high historical and iconic value associated with the tradition of precious stones, and it also has its roots in mythology. 
Its unmistakable look continues to form part of the cultural and visual heritage of many civilizations in all four corners of the globe, blending in seamlessly with every environment and every age.
The types of marble commonly used as coverings come from Asia, Africa and the Americas, and from many European countries, especially Italy, which has many exquisite varieties of this precious material.
And in fact this wide-ranging diversity, which results from the vast array of compositions and the large number of quarries from which it is sourced, is the second quality of marble that helps gives it such a refined look. It is almost always a multicolored surface with irregular veining and cracks-some subtle and others more intense- that make the material unique, endowing it with power and beauty.
Last but not least, the extraordinary brightness of marble is the third aspect that sets it in a class of its own. When enhanced by a technical ceramic finish, perhaps of the glossy or semi-polished kind, a marble surface can enhance every environment, even dark, badly and artificially lit spaces. It is therefore not surprising that it is used in many spaces dedicated to wellness activities, such as spas and swimming pools, where every surface and detail must offer sensory qualities reminiscent of nature.
Other characteristics of marble notably include its powerful decorative impact, expressed by its multitude of color combinations. It is a material which has gone from strength to strength in the daily living environments of recent years, boosting the perceived value of every space, and offering decorative qualities that can easily be exploited to customize every interior design style.
Based on all of the above, GranitiFiandre dedicates a large part of its many collections of large tiles in ceramic stoneware to marble. These are surfaces that base their strength on the solidity of tradition while simultaneously “driving the material towards the future of coverings” thanks to the innovation ensured by the technology of Iris Ceramica Group.
And in the offering of Fiandre, the Marmi Maximum products are those which best represent the excellence of the aesthetic tradition of marble applied to technical ceramics.
In fact, the large tile enhances all the natural beauty and brightness of the product, deservedly claiming its title as one of the key products in the sector of industrial decorative and customized design.
Indeed, the large, seamless, smooth surface of this size is particularly favored for the production of kitchen work tops, doors, chairs and many bathroom and other furnishing accessories.
Today the Marmi Maximum selection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces is extended and renewed thanks to the addition of two new textures: White Beauty and Grey Beauty.
White Beauty draws inspiration "from a refined white Chinese marble characterized by white, green, gray and black feldspars”. The pattern of the textures create a rich and original design, with exotic and rich nuances that enrich environments. creating an immediate, eye-catching visual impact.
Instead, Grey Beauty offers "a more mellow chromatic effect", in a “unsaturated” variation of the same marble effect, flaunting an elegant contrast of white and gray shades. 
Ideal both for large spaces and for smaller interiors, White Beauty and Grey Beauty have a glossy finish that gives the color depth and further enhances the brightness of the ceramic tile.

Marco Privato