Vintage-style ceramic solutions for today’s bathrooms

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Pastel colours, materials with a lived-in look, graphics, decorations and bon-ton: these are only a few of the principal aesthetic solutions for the bathroom that draw inspiration from the past to represent the present.
Iris Ceramica dedicates several attractive collections of ceramic surfaces to the most intimate room in the house, focusing on the utmost refinement and customisation thanks to the creative potential of aesthetic high-tech ceramic

Vintage-style ceramic solutions for today’s bathrooms
The bathroom has come a long way since it was considered a mere utility and not a real room, becoming the focus of the most creative design in recent years. 
Today’s proposals for modern bathrooms draw on the latest interior design trends, with frequent experimentation and a growing desire for customisation. All this confirms what we all know: that the bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the home, a wellness area which becomes a space dedicated exclusively to personal comfort, even if it measures only a few square metres.
In fact, it is the smallest bathrooms that attract the most attention among today’s designers, because these are the ones where organisation becomes truly important and it is essential to take advantage of every little detail, from lighting to mirrors, even by disguising fixtures and accessories.
Quality of life in the home is partly dependent on the choices made for the bathroom, where materials play a very important role.
The aesthetics of today’s bathroom surfaces often look toward the past to inspire new forms of expression.
The vintage look in all its forms inspires countless collections of high-tech ceramic, the ideal material for bathrooms both large and small.
High-tech porcelain is in fact a product offering the utmost performance in terms of resistance, inalterability, non-absorbency and easy cleaning: all aspects that make it perfect for a room like the bathroom that is constantly in contact with water, moisture and cleaning products.
All these technical aspects are associated with a vast assortment of aesthetic proposals, as will be apparent in the many collections (link) offered by Iris Ceramica (link), a leading maker of contemporary surfaces that has always focused on innovation in the bathroom (link).
Bowl (link) is the Iris Ceramica collection returning to the chic vintage style of pastel colours with a diamond-cut effect, giving bathroom surfaces new elegance and modernity.
The result is attractive, elegant, dynamic design with a handmade look. Available in the 10x20 cm size, Bowl comes in subtle natural hues ranging from white to pink, olive green, slate grey and moka in a warm, cosy colour palette. The emphasis is on the 3D effect of depth in the walls created by the Matt and Lux finishes and the many possible laying schemes.
Inspired by the vintage look of burnt wood, Litt Wood (link) is a semigres surface conveying all the warmth and instant appeal of one of the best-loved natural materials, wood.
Its charm is apparent in the evocative effects of light and shadow created by the knots and subtle veins that delicately alter the uniformity of its colour.
Two formats are available, with different graphics, both based on the expressive qualities of wood: the traditional plank format, 10x20 cm, in four colours, Litt Honey, Litt Burnt White, Litt Burnt Beige and Litt Gold.
The 20x20 cm square format, on the other hand, reproduces the "cross-sections of the tree trunk, in which the concentric rings form a precious decoration in relief". The juxtaposition of warm and cold colours in this small tile with a strong decorative component explores a vast range of colours, permitting choice of a monochrome mood or a number of evocative colour combinations.
Wood also provides the inspiration for Madeira (link), a collection accurately recreating the knots and veins of precious wood species. Designed to meet all the requirements of architecture today, Madeira expresses all the grace and atmosphere of modern design on either floors or walls. 
Its R11 non-slip finish also makes the collection perfect for installation outdoors and in locations requiring a textured surface.
The Downtown collection (link), on the other hand, is inspired by concrete, a material that has been attracting growing interest as an architectural covering. 
Minimalist and contemporary in style, the Downtown collection expresses all the solidity and power of the material inspiring it, offering an excellent response to the needs of the modern home, including the bathroom.
Here is another vintage look, obtained with scratches and differences in hue, adding power to spaces with a highly natural lived-in look.

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