Versatile, evocative Blast ceramic slabs for indoor and outdoor use

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Resistant, unalterable FMG porcelain slabs are the ideal covering for all kinds of surfaces, indoors and outdoors, as revealed by the Blast collection. 
Inspired by volcanic rock, the five surfaces in the collection recreate the random overlapping and mottled colours that nature creates with the originality of mineral inclusions in stone

Versatile, evocative Blast ceramic slabs for indoor and outdoor use
The world of surface coverings offers a series of versatile solutions for this spring, ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces
Covering materials, particularly high-tech ceramic, draw inspiration from classic materials such as stone, concrete, wood and marble to reinterpret the surfaces of today’s living spaces.
With its technical and aesthetic performance, this material so popular with designers has for years offered the ideal solution for residential constructions, public spaces and retail facilities, as well as renovation projects.
Strength, compactness and versatility and a wide range of colours are the elements that make all the difference and ensure that high-tech ceramics are appreciated in outdoor spaces too, where this year’s collections include a great variety of green furnishings, accessories and seating.
Wood, wicker, linen and natural fabrics are the focus of a sustainable vision of outdoor living combining comfort with beauty
Made from top quality clays and sands, high-tech ceramic is particularly appropriate for outdoor solutions, with its natural beauty as a backdrop and ability to offer the performance required in outdoor spaces.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is one of the most prominent brands on the international ceramics market, with a vast catalogue of technologically advanced products, the result of the Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of experience. 
Italian design and creativity are evident in the technical and aesthetic qualities of FMG ceramic slabs, clearly revealed in the Blast collection presented here.
Inspired by volcanic rock, Blast includes a vast assortment of full-body porcelain slabs offering great aesthetic and technical performance.
Its five colours, Beige, Grey, Brown, Black and Ash, "display all the overlapping colours, random speckles and variety of hues created by mineral inclusions in magmatic rock".
This extremely versatile palette of neutral colours fits naturally into spaces of all kinds to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.
Perfect for total look spaces, Blast immediately reveals all the expressiveness of lava.
Laid as a flooring material indoors (10 mm), outdoors (20 mm) or as a semigres wall covering (8.5 mm), Blast offers features very popular in today’s design trends, such as simplicity, cleanliness and essentiality
The five surface in the Blast collection are also included in the FMG Twenty range of 20 mm thick outdoor paving slabs.
This high-performing technical material is perfect for outdoor surfaces because it is designed to withstand adverse weather, tread and stress. 

Marco Privato