The trend toward decoration on ceramic surfaces: DYS - Design Your Slabs

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Decoration is entering a new phase of popularity in design, thanks to its innate expressiveness, its capacity for customisation, and the new possibilities offered by ceramic materials. 
One clear example is DYS - Design Your Slabs, a technological service through which the various Iris Ceramica Group brands can produce any kind of image or illustration on both conventional ceramic tiles and maxi-slabs: the ideal solution for a society with a strong focus on the power of images and the distinctive character of spaces

The trend toward decoration on ceramic surfaces: DYS - Design Your Slabs
After many years of neglect, decoration is back as an important form of expression in interior design projects.
There’s an obvious reason for this: the vocabularies of modern and then contemporary architecture did not allow for ornamentation, especially in surfaces and coverings.
Decoration was seen as too various, multiform and fleeting for the dictates of the most popular schools of thought and movements in design.
But today, the decorative idiom, especially on surfaces, is enjoying new popularity as an element that can in many ways represent the complexity and variety of today’s society, constantly flowing and changing more than ever before.
What emerges today is the incessant contamination of different genres and styles appearing in our daily lives in the form of images, disappearing and coming back in different forms in the real and virtual worlds.
As a mirror of society which is at the same time an attraction for it, surface design picks up on and interprets this uninterrupted flow of images.
A second important reason for the return of decoration on surfaces and elsewhere is communication. The inseparability of form and function in projects both large and small is now widely acknowledged and accepted, and the obvious result is that a surface is no longer just a covering or a support but a true form of communication capable of conveying our personal ideas, aesthetic sense and sensibility.
A third and equally important component is customisation of everyday spaces for living, working, and enjoying human relationships and time with our loved ones.
Customisation of spaces with decorative images on surfaces of various kinds allows us to express our uniqueness and make our spaces stand out from all others, a very important consideration for designers and design fans alike.
Using decoration to customise spaces on the basis of our own needs allows us to use our creativity and imagination to change the mood of our spaces as often as we like.
This brief list of the key reasons for the return of decoration must also include the potential of materials today. Innovative, surprising surface coverings, particularly high-tech ceramic, have permitted unprecedented evolution in graphic design.
The many opportunities now available include the on-demand digital DYS - Design Your Slabs service offered by the Iris Ceramica Group.
Always in the front lines of innovation in ceramics, the many companies in the Iris Ceramica Group have created DYS as a technological service permitting reproduction of any image or illustration on ceramic maxi-slabs: "from the largest to the smallest sizes, from traditional formats to ground-breaking new ones, the system may be used to decorate any kind of slab for a truly unique form of customisation".
DYS permits creation of optical, geometric, pop art and more effects, setting no limitations on hue or colour. 
Details and decorations come to life and offer new sources of inspiration for solutions ranging from minimal to more elaborate projects.
The highly versatile, complete DYS services can be applied to projects of many different kinds. In addition to homes, DYS may be used to decorate retail outlets, wellness centres and restaurants, bars and cafés of various different kinds, as well as public and collective spaces such as airports and metro or railway stations.
Its applications also extend to urban design, where it can easily become “a new form of visual communication between homes, neighbourhoods and cities".
The Design Your Slabs service offers three practical solutions: “covering ceramic materials with customised graphics, applying it transparently over its surface, or with an exclusive luxury system employing metallic inks with outstanding aesthetic performance, either to cover the slab or in transparent form”.Their decorative matrix makes Design Your Slabs ceramic slabs true items of décor, ideal as bar surfaces, cabinet doors, countertops, furnishings or frames around walls, treated as true works of art.
The performance of the Iris Ceramica Group’s high-tech ceramic in terms of resistance, inalterability, and easy cleaning makes customising the look of spaces extremely easy and pleasant, with a service that exponentially increases their artistic and decorative potential.

Marco Privato


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