Setting the scene in everyday spaces: creativity and freedom of installation with Iris Ceramica coverings

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The eye-catching focal point of any interior design project, Iris Ceramica coverings combine strength, durability and beauty. With a range of different colour palettes and an extensive variety of formats and patterns, the many wall covering collections from Iris Ceramica allow for the staging of original, exciting wall creations inspired by personal taste and with complete freedom of composition

Setting the scene in everyday spaces: creativity and freedom of installation with Iris Ceramica coverings
Thanks to the options opened up by new materials, in recent years, interior wall coverings have come on in leaps and bounds in terms of technical and aesthetic performance.
With an extensive catalogue of solutions for contemporary spaces, high-tech ceramic is now offering far and away the most suitable range of surfaces for wall coverings in residential, commercial and public environments.
The offer of ceramic surfaces is distinguished particularly by the variety of formats, colours, finishes and patterns available, allowing you to mix and match in order to create incredibly striking and glamorous wall coverings with a touch of the theatrical.
A wealth of creativity and colours for designers to draw upon, with the recent addition of customised graphics systems which are capable of adding any image to the ceramic material. This can be applied either transparently or with metallic inks with an exceptional aesthetic effect, either covering the entire slab or with a transparent background.
This is the technology offered in the DYS - Design Your Slabs service by Iris Ceramica Group, a leader in the ceramic floor and wall covering industry.
That said, the more traditional coverings - such as those made from high-tech porcelain or Semigres - also provide all the unique properties of ceramic as a material: strength, durability, inalterability, and easy cleaning and maintenance.
These are qualities that allow you to fully express yourself with unrivalled freedom of installation, offering combinations and juxtapositions that can make walls beautiful, elegant, and above all, entirely personalised.
In fact, it is worth bearing in mind that ceramic coverings are suitable for all rooms of the house, but it is mainly in kitchens and bathrooms that their various textures can truly shine. Aside from residential spaces, the expressive power of ceramic coverings is also now widely employed in the hospitality, wellness and commercial sectors.
The rich palette from Iris Ceramica dedicated to its coverings offers an unparalleled means for interpreting a space, where a decorative mood with a retro flavour, for example, can be reinterpreted with a contemporary twist, creating settings with vast amounts of character and appeal, as is clear from the selection of images below.
In Iris Ceramica’s extensive catalogue dedicated to coverings, these particularly bold atmospheres are largely created by some of the brand’s most recent offerings: BeLike, Blaze, Freehand and City Lights, the last one being the result of the fruitful Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica partnership.
BeLike is the 60x20 cm Semigres surface from Iris Ceramica which comes in a range of delicate yet evocative pastel hues, with 4 warm shades (Cream, Peach, Sienna, Umber) and 4 cooler ones (Shell, Azure, Marine and QueenBlue).
Delicate and enveloping, the BeLike collection exudes an exotic, oriental air, particularly in the atmospheric Patch decorative pieces, redolent of kintsugi, the Japanese repair technique in which fragments of broken ceramic pieced back together with gold. The Patch range intriguingly emphasises the power of irregularity and the magnetism of imperfection, thanks to the elegant webbing of irregular golden lines that stand out against dark backgrounds (Blue Patch Gold, Brown Patch Gold) or delicate designs with natural motifs (Blue Patch Decor, Brown Patch Decor).
Meanwhile, a more sober, understated look can be achieved with the Border decorative piece, in which ”a neutral outer frame borders each colour, with a cloudy appearance suggestive of lights and shades from overseas”.
FreeHand by Iris Ceramica is a collection of Semigres coverings in a 20x20 cm size, “characterised by waxy surfaces with a délabré style”.
With a palette of pastel shades that ranges from classic White, Black and Grey to tones of Green, Blue, Brown and Yellow, FreeHand is distinguished by its shaded texture, with “colour variations that lend walls a certain depth with the suggestion that they have been faded and weathered by time”.
The FreeHand range also includes some interesting and evocative decorative pieces: with light brushstrokes inspired by watercolours, Hand Decor and Flor Decor offer very natural-looking splashes of colour and stylised graphics.
Available in the classic 10x30 cm brick format, the Blaze Semigres collection, meanwhile, features “a shaded matte surface” inspired by a range of neutral colours suggestive of iridescent metals.
Available in 4 colours (Yellow, Pink, Avio and Grey), each combined with 4 different glossy decorated backgrounds, Blaze is a versatile solution that is a natural fit for any warm, welcoming spaces, where both horizontal and vertical laying patterns are an option, as well as the suggested mix of background and decorative pieces.
In any case, the room will convey a sense of elegance thanks to the simplicity and the linearity of the background motif, which is both refined and artisanal.
Seductive and captivating, City Lights is the latest product of Iris Ceramica’s groundbreaking partnership with Diesel Living. Designed for spaces with a “contemporary, urban and eclectic character”, City Lights becomes the star of any interior design project thanks to the interplay of light and shadow created by its bright and lively palette.
With its powerfully dramatic effect, the wall takes on a three-dimensional appearance with the free composition of the 25x75 and 10x30 cm sizes.

Marco Privato