SapienStone: black and green designs for today’s kitchen surfaces

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The SapienStone catalogue has been expanded beyond the palette of whites and neutral colours typically used in kitchen design, and now includes black and green ceramic surfaces.
These intense, expressive, elegant materials enhance the power and character of surfaces and countertops with their natural veining and original shading characteristic of top-quality marbles

SapienStone: black and green designs for today’s kitchen surfaces
The kitchen is one of the spaces in the home which continue to feature a series of timeless colours, such as white, various woody hues and, more generally speaking, pale colours as well as the vast palette of neutral hues.
But in addition to these timeless shades, there has in recent years been a trend toward use of more intense hues representing a step away from traditional kitchen design.
These include, first of all, dark colours such as grey and deep black, as well as varieties of marble veering toward green.

These unusual solutions have become a part of the vast production of technically and aesthetically innovative ceramic surfaces
High-tech ceramic offers a contemporary take on all the principal covering materials while also offering customised decorating solutions made possible by use of maxi-slabs.
At the same time, high-tech ceramic is the perfect material for the kitchen because it is almost entirely non-absorbent, a guarantee of resistance, inalterability and easy cleaning.
Drawing on decades of experience making top-of-the-range porcelain, the Iris Ceramica Group set up the SapienStone brand to focus exclusively on kitchen countertops for both residential use and professional use in restaurants and bars.
In its many collections abounding in variations on the classic hues of white and beige, SapienStone also explores a number of fascinating black and green solutions, presented here.
Black Diamond is a SapienStone collection designed not only for the home kitchen but also for restaurants and convivial spaces of all kinds. Its captivating appearance conveys a welcoming mood and a sense of practicality, producing a cosy domestic atmosphere. The marble surface is characterised by the presence of cloudy, vaporous multi-coloured shadows against a very dark grey background, adding a touch of elegance and character to surfaces.
Refined, intense Dark Marquina is a particularly elegant marble reproducing the colours of one of Spain’s most popular stones, Nero Marquina. Used primarily on floors and walls in spaces decorated in classic, elegant style, this SapienStone material adds a depth of colour that is truly innovative in the kitchen, set off by characteristic fine white veining
All the attraction of green marble is apparent in Alpi Chiaro Venato. What emerges at first glance is its intense grid of pale areas, white veins and speckles standing out in a magnetic, almost pictorial way against a green backdrop.
These green marbles are particularly versatile, just like the black and dark grey shades, and can easily be used in both traditional and modern spaces, maintaining all the expressive power of true designer decor.

Marco Privato


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