Outdoor space as a new living room: solutions for open-air living from Iris Ceramica

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Organising any outdoor space - from a small balcony to a larger swimming pool area - is not just an enjoyable moment spent beautifying green areas and rethinking furniture arrangements, but an opportunity to create a whole new room for your home. A space that represents an extension of both the lounge and the dining area, where the surfaces must have excellent durability as well as technical and aesthetic inalterability. Iris Ceramica offers a series of practical and functional porcelain solutions, following the design trend of materials that are easy to combine, such as wood and stone, with a diversified look that is always in style

Outdoor space as a new living room: solutions for open-air living from Iris Ceramica
The arrival of autumn may be an excellent time to overhaul and sort out the outdoor space in your home.
In recent years, the wide range of stylish furnishings and accessories for outdoor living on offer (tables, chairs, gazebos, pots and bioclimatic pergolas, to name but a few) has been a source of great curiosity and interest for anyone looking to enjoy the greenery of their garden.
But even without a sizeable green space available to you, you can still carve out a little corner of personal wellbeing and relaxation if you have a balcony, a little terrace, a porch or even just a driveway.
Once merely service areas, these important outdoor spaces have shed their original functions to become extensions of the home, ready to be used as new rooms and furnished with all the open-air comforts available, bathed in the light and beauty of the changing seasons.
Social media galleries and catalogues increasingly feature garden setups presented as fully-fledged living rooms, all extremely refined and easy to move, with great attention to detail - not to mention comfortable and welcoming for family and guests alike.
Conceptually speaking, outdoor space is seen as the new open-plan living area: a multifunctional room where you can seamlessly segue from breakfast to apéritifs to lunches, from relaxation to reading, from study to work.
For such a diversified setting, the furnishing materials on offer range from the eco-friendly to the high-tech, but it is first and foremost the surfaces that play a fundamental role in defining the style and carefully-crafted atmosphere of an outdoor space.
Since 1961, Iris Ceramica has been offering constant innovation on the ceramics market, establishing itself as a landmark brand at an international level.
Its high-tech ceramic solutions for floors and walls have always been innovative, standing out thanks to their highly-researched technology, design and unrivalled quality as an Italian-made product - as well as, of course, the impressive range of colours, textures, shapes and sizes on offer.
Iris Ceramica’s recent collaboration with lifestyle brand Diesel has resulted in numerous Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections, all of which are highly striking, showcasing the company’s passionate love for experimenting and a marked eclecticism that has brought the world of high-tech ceramic products with qualities that were once inconceivable.
In its outdoor sector, Iris Ceramica offers a wide range of flooring solutions that reflect a more traditional spirit, with an eye for practicality of use combined with the latest trends in a sector that constantly reinterprets classic materials with a contemporary twist.
Indeed, the outdoor trend mainly revolves around covering materials that never go out of fashion, such as wood and stone, which are easy to combine and full of endless subtle nuances.
Stone and wood remain the key points of reference in the outdoor flooring market, where the visual rhythm is undoubtedly marked by the boldest colours and, above all, by the arrangement of the various elements, from dividers of various kinds to accessories, such as cushions, lamps, garden lights and flower pots, all of which are ripe for customisation.
From a technical perspective, Iris Ceramica’s porcelain brings a whole host of properties to the table that make all the difference in an outdoor space.
First of all, the resistance gained from a water absorption coefficient of practically zero makes high-tech porcelain a stable, durable material which preserves its original beauty spectacularly over time, without being affected by the shifting seasons or changing weather conditions.

With the peace of mind provided by the excellent technical performance of Iris ceramics, the wood-effect and stone-effect textures available are ideal solutions for organising outdoor spaces of any shape or size - even those with a swimming pool.
French Woods and E-Wood are attractive solutions that offer the typical warmth of wood in ceramic form, complete with the material textures and elaborate structure of the various types of wood.
Warm and natural, the textures of the two collections - as well as the Wood variant of Blocks 5.0 - are available in various shades from Iris Ceramica to give designers maximum freedom of choice.
Drawing on the aesthetic of Luserna stone, Shire is a charming collection that highlights the natural beauty of the material that inspired it, enriching it with “evocative traces and refined nuances”.
In its apparent simplicity, Shire highlights the shade variation of the slabs by recreating the variety of colours to be found in natural stone, for a mood that is at once vintage and contemporary.
Other interesting solutions for outdoor spaces are available in the form of the neutral tones of Space and Sync, elegant collections in which light is the star, bringing out the aesthetic features of the ceramic slab, enriched by original textures that provide shade and a true sense of movement to the area as a whole.

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