IRIS outdoor flooring: ideal solutions for autumn and winter

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In every season, IRIS porcelain is the ideal solution for a variety of outdoor flooring needs, guaranteeing stability, remaining unchanged over time and offering non-absorbent surfaces. A true contemporary design product available in a wide range of elegant aesthetic solutions.

IRIS outdoor flooring: ideal solutions for autumn and winter
Top quality outdoor flooring is essential for covering small and large outdoor areas, especially when installed during Autumn.
While decorating outdoor spaces is a fun pastime and undeniable pleasure in Summer, when the weather gets worse there are different priorities for terraces, porticoes, walkways and garden areas.
Outdoor floors are, by definition, surfaces that have to face a range of weather conditions, thermal and geological effects that differ according to area.
The best product to meet these needs is porcelain by IRIS Ceramica, which offers a vast range of technical and aesthetic solutions for all kinds of outdoor flooring.
Hard wearing, stable, water-resistant and unchanging, IRIS porcelain tiles retain their features and all of their original beauty over time. 
The gallery shows some of the excellent outdoor flooring solutions that can also be used for interior floors and walls.
With five delicate, essential colours, Moving is a collection of interior and exterior floors inspired by careful study of natural stone enhanced by the"union of earth and fire, clay, kaolin and feldspar". 
In the Moving collection, material made up of classic shades is always interpreted in different ways, giving brand new visual effects to homes and contract spaces.
In theQuarziti collection, the colours range from grey to red and from neutral to veined: different yet complementary elements to design fascinating, timeless spaces with all the appeal of the best in contemporary design.
The enamelled porcelain of Space gives "depth to the colours of traditional ceramic, thanks to patterns that create shadow and give movement". Ideal for customising any environment, Space is a surface that exalts colours and valorises patterns through its innate luminosity.
Madeira is a meeting of diametrically opposed elements, like tradition and the future, nature and technology. It is especially suitable for outdoor decking thanks to its R11 non-slip finish. Madeira expresses a wealth of details, knots and veins of fine wood.
Quayside is the new IRIS collection that "borrows materials from factories and building sites ” like concrete and resin. Quayside’s trademark is itsfusion of styles, with a continual interplay of effects, affinities and connections. A contemporary aesthetic in a wide variety of colours, 2 sizes and 6 structures, for striking decorative floors with a marked personality in authentic spaces.

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