New Ultra Ariostea marbles for rooms with a personal, sophisticated style

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The versatility of high-tech ceramic and the large size of Ultra Ariostea slabs make it possible to enhance contemporary spaces of all kinds - and not just within the home. The new Ultra Marmi marble-effect slabs Bardiglio Chiaro, Cremo Delicato, Rosso Imperiale and Tropical Black offer excellent covering and interior design solutions for a variety of environments, from spas to luxury retail spaces, lending the refined and ever-elegant look so characteristic of the timeless marble types that are the inspiration for these textures.

New Ultra Ariostea marbles for rooms with a personal, sophisticated style
One of the most widely appreciated qualities of high-tech ceramic is undoubtedly its versatility.
This aspect, which is highly sought-after in contemporary design, allows for the possibility to vary your approach to interior furnishings in ways limited only by your imagination, with unprecedented levels of design freedom, all without the least compromise on the basic aesthetic quality.
With their combination of technology and beauty, ceramic slabs make for an ideal solution when considering the inevitable changes that the various rooms they are used in will undergo over the years.
The versatility of porcelain is even further supported by extensive catalogues, featuring highly attractive features such as varied colour palettes, different types of finishes, and above all, the numerous effects available, each inspired by some of the most iconic covering materials around: a whole host of different types of marble, stone, onyx, resin, concrete and wood.
What’s more, the versatility of ceramic slabs should not merely be considered in the context of individual projects: it extends to all kinds of coverings used for every purpose imaginable, including in the case of restyling.
In addition, the large ceramic size makes it possible to create customised furnishings, such as furniture, kitchen and bathroom countertops, consoles, steps, doors and seating.
Nowadays, it is easy to see how high-tech ceramic has taken on a starring role in major projects ranging from residential spaces in a traditional or contemporary style to public spaces, from offices to a great many commercial and collective spaces for eating out, entertainment, high-end shopping and the medical sector, as well as in a variety of exciting outdoor projects.
Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the ceramics sector and in Italian manufacturing, is using its family of brands to offer a variety of covering solutions for 2022 which look to be ideal not just for the residential world, but also for the many and varied spaces of the hospitality industry and in spaces dedicated to luxury shopping, as can be seen in Ariostea’s gallery.
Thanks to its production of compact slabs of incredibly pure porcelain (subjected to extremely high levels of pressure and temperatures of up to 1300°C), Ariostea stands out from the many ceramics companies on the scene for its high-tech approach, patented technology, and unrivalled care for the environment.
This combination of factors has made Ariostea a leading brand in the ceramics segment since its foundation in 1961: its rich catalogue showcases countless types of the finest marble, onyx, stone and concrete-effect slabs, all of the highest technical and aesthetic quality.
The Ultra Ariostea range, dedicated to large-size ceramics, has grown in recent weeks thanks to the introduction of new types of marble and onyx: Bardiglio Chiaro, Cremo Delicato, Rosso Imperiale and Tropical Black.
These new additions most naturally fit into spaces where the aim is to enhance the overall atmosphere - where luxury is suggested by materials and furnishings of great aesthetic and formal value.
Exclusive places such as luxury shops, spas and wellness centres, along with events halls and open-plan spaces found in lifestyle hotels, are just some of the possible settings in which the new Ultra Ariostea ceramic slabs can express the refined style so typical of the marble textures which inspired them.
Bardiglio Chiaro is a marble with a grey background which is very delicate, yet also has a bolder side to its character. Its texture is characterised by broad veining alternated with gentler wisps of clouding and a range of lighter highlights. Easy to pair with other materials, it is a marble that expresses a strong sense of harmony and luxury due to its original background texture and suggested colours.
Ultra Ariostea’s proposal of lighter marble effects continues with Cremo Delicato, a fascinating texture that leans towards shades of ivory and beige.
Very elegant in any context, Cremo Delicato is distinguished by darker bands and streaks that run through its length, forming an aligned pattern, paired with pearlescent grey veining. Because of the sense of harmony it exudes and the delicateness of its background, this option is particularly well-suited to spaces that aim for brightness and overall harmony.
The inspiration for Rosso Imperiale, meanwhile, comes from a Turkish breccia marble, where the red of the background is actually a combination of purple and burgundy. A weft of incredibly dense, unpredictable white veins flows through it. These airy shapes create some darker, cooler pockets, ultimately making for a highly appealing result with a certain timeless charm.

Tropical Black is a large-size surface in which the black background is warm and intense rather than flat and absolute. The streaks running through its pattern are richly coloured and serve to further embellish the texture, thanks to shades of anthracite grey, brown and gold.
Highly decorative and dramatic, Tropical Black is undoubtedly the ideal surface and a possible furnishing material for wellness areas, beauty farms and wellness centres, for example, or bathrooms and common areas in any accommodation or hospitality facilities with a focus on charm and comfort.

Marco Privato

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