MUSA+ floor and wall coverings to customise the home

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The new floor and wall coverings for 2018 are intended to customise the home, such as MUSA+, Fiandre’s new collection of porcelain surfaces. Starting with an apparently neutral basic colour palette, MUSA+ uses a vast assortment of decorative pieces, patterns and textures to underline the spaces and details that make the home unique

MUSA+ floor and wall coverings to customise the home
Plenty of room for creativity and the utmost customisation wherever possible in the home: these are the new proposals for the home and the trends for 2018 emerging from the 35th Cersaie.
The best floor and wall coverings for the home and the most fashionable colours of 2018 appear in porcelain tiles, the best product for indoor and outdoor flooring.
Looking back at the past with vintage styles and atmospheres inspired by industrial and metropolitan style, porcelain surfaces explore all the potential of vintage colours and sizes, with an almost obsessive focus on detail.
The keyword seems to be “contamination”. The forms, colours and materials of the 1950s (copper and brass above all, as well as unfinished wood and velvet) have come down to us over the decades, improved by the sensibility of designers who reinterpret them supported by the performance of today’s new materials, primarily porcelain.
GranitiFiandre has always offered the advantages of the performance and look of the best high-tech ceramics, and at CERSAIE the company presented a new installation, “Intersection”, by architect Matteo Nunziati, featuring the two new textures added to the Maximum range, Dark Marquina and Eminent Wood, and the new MUSA+ collection, presented in the photo gallery here. 
Introduced as "the inspiration of a moment, the memory of an instant, the desire to create", MUSA+ is a highly versatile product range designed in a traditional format, summing up all the principal aesthetic qualities and technical performance of the best floors and walls for the home in 2018, starting with the unusual choice of colour.
MUSA+ high-tech porcelain is in fact designed in an apparently neutral colour range: Midnight, Pearl, Chalk, Clay and Umber.
These five basic hues were chosen to "allow us to go beyond our creative capacity, creating combinations of rare elegance and absolute originality".
The warm and cold hues of MUSA+ rediscover the luminosity and expressiveness typical of traditional surfaces, making it possible to free the imagination and make way for a constant play of forms and balance of volumes.
Everyday spaces with “a discrete silence” running through them, dominated by “the absence that feeds the mystery”; to create a space in which surfaces are underlined by contrast or affinity with various accessories and furnishings.
They can be further customised with the MUSA+ range of hexagons and diamonds, strips, patterns, textures and laying schemes.
The finishes (natural, relief and glossy) underline all kinds of public, private and commercial spaces with a lived-in look and apparently natural flaws, creating a unique, unrepeatable look.

Marco Privato