Materie High-Tech: nature takes form in the home

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Beginning with observation of nature, the Ariostea surfaces in the Materie High-Tech collection best express the aesthetic of a variety of materials very different from traditional covering materials. An original interpretation of elements and forms for contemporary new ways of customising spaces in the home

Materie High-Tech: nature takes form in the home
Drawing inspiration from nature to make the most of the spaces in the home is an increasingly frequent choice for building your dream house in a sustainable way, decorating it with reclaimed materials reinvented for new functions.
To give free rein to the imagination and customise the home, all you often need is wooden crates, fabrics and plastic containers, excellent materials for furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor spaces with stools, flowerbeds, lanterns and clothes hooks.
The variety and appearance of the most diverse materials can be a source of inspiration for surfaces too. 
Marble, wood, and stone are among the effects created with high-tech porcelain tiles which become a human expression and interpretation of the forms of nature.
Starting out with the intention of reproducing the random veins and textures of nature, Ariostea high-tech ceramics go beyond the limits of conventional ceramics and eliminate flaws in the original materials, such as possible fractures, pores, variations in colour, and a high degree of absorption of water.
In the Materie High-Tech collection, Ariostea creates the best possible material for indoor and outdoor coverings, strong, dependable and versatile enough to be incorporated in minimalist, vintage and low cost decorating schemes.
In 9 interpretations of the material (Ghiaccio, Diorite, Peltro, Lignite, Lava, Fango, Sabbia, Gesso, Cenere) with a high degree of resistance to scratching, chemical detergents, and changes in the weather, the Ariostea Materie High-Tech collection becomes an "expression of solidity expressed through different visual and tactile sensations".
To these characteristics of excellence we may add the aesthetic variety of high-tech porcelain slabs, making them suitable for all possible uses in homes, commercial and public spaces, and for designing outdoor spaces in continuity or contrast with interiors.
Reproducing the vocabulary expressed through the senses, high-surfaces convey the most varied expressions of nature into the home, letting them into our daily lives in the simplest possible way.

Marco Privato