Marble, stone, resin and cement effects: ceramics from Fiandre and Aqua Maximum 

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In continuity with the company’s decade-long history, in 2019 Fiandre once again offers new ceramic products with a focus on personal wellness and improvement of spaces for everyday living. A practical example is the application design of the Aqua Maximum range of bathroom accessories: customisable washbasins and shower trays, produced individually and assembled by hand, in the year’s most refined surfaces, including marble, stone, resin and cement effects

Marble, stone, resin and cement effects: ceramics from Fiandre and Aqua Maximum 
The most refined design trends for 2019 explore the aesthetic potential of ceramics inspired by marble, stone, resins and cement.
These are surface materials that have always been used in projects of great elegance and expressiveness, acknowledged as conveying the image of strength and resistance associated with the natural materials that inspire them.
The natural colours of stone and the original veins of marble, for example, offer plenty of creative inspiration for the interiors of various contemporary designs
From the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to outdoor spaces, stone, resin and marble moods establish harmony and balance between individual elements and the overall look of all the spaces in the home, and can easily be combined with a great variety of furnishings.
Further adding to this aesthetic without limits in space or time, the latest new design proposals made of porcelain, the material that has superseded all others as the unrivalled top choice for surfaces.
GranitiFiandre is the Iris Ceramica Group brand that has been pioneering in the production and innovation of porcelain since 1961. 
Fiandre’s porcelain floor and wall coverings, impermeable and long-lasting, were initially designed to be "used for high tread surfaces"; over the years its quality has made the material a high-end product for covering the walls and floors of highly evocative, refined spaces.
Creatively combining technology with aesthetic elegance, Fiandre continues to explore and innovate in the world of ceramics: from maxi-slabs capable of covering a 4.5 sqm surface to ecological Active Clean & Antibacterical Ceramic ©, the result of Fiandre’s search for "new solutions oriented toward improving quality of life", purifying the air for healthy, hygienic living spaces.
In recent years Fiandre has added to the potential of application design with the utmost customisation of ceramics, as in Aqua Maximum furnishings and accessories, an amazing breakthrough in the use of porcelain.
Aqua Maximum
"Carving out a moment of your day to devote to personal care is not just a healthy habit – it can become a real regeneration ritual for the body and the mind." Applying this concept of personal wellness to everyday life, Fiandre enhances the bathroom space through choice of bathroom surfaces and accessories harmoniously combining practicality, aesthetics and easy maintenance.
Aqua Maximum is Fiandre’s complete system of customisable washbasins and shower trays. All the products are made using MAXIMUM FIANDRE EXTRALITE ® technology.
Its strength for improving the quality of the bathroom experience lies in "the possibility of creating a total look, combining floors, wall coverings and bathroom furnishings to create a space with harmony and aesthetic continuity". 
This customisation of Aqua Maximum accessories is made possible by selecting the look of the principal design trends of the moment: marble(Marmi Maximum), stone (Megalith Maximum or Quietstones Maximum), cement (Aster Maximum), resin (Hq.Resin) and monochrome surfaces (Datauni Maximum). 
Produced individually and assembled using a handcrafted process, the range of Aqua Maximum accessories offers a highly personal original product which is very attractive visually (in the marble effect, for example, the continuity of the through veins gives the sink and shower tray the natural “appearance of a material carved out of a single block”).
Its combination of originality and technical innovation makes Aqua Maximum an excellent design solution for today’s bathrooms, in the vein of Italy’s tradition of excellence in ceramics.

Marco Privato


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