Magneto: a new classic yet contemporary surface from Fiandre

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Today’s surfaces look to the past for inspiration, renewed thanks to the potential of porcelain and all the effects it can create. This is the case of Fiandre’s new Magneto collection, inspired by the rough, lived-in look of cement, ennobled by original metallic and rusty finishes. The design of these surfaces is innovative, surprising and original, both to the sight and to the touch, creating unique new customised spaces

Magneto: a new classic yet contemporary surface from Fiandre
Drawing your inspiration from the materials of the past to reinterpret today’s new styles is a key trend in modern design. 
This explains the recent success of the vintage, industrial and shabby chic styles, which don’t just bring back the past, but come up with new versions of the moods and atmospheres that time has allowed to accumulate in our imaginations, giving them new energy with the freshness of today’s new materials.
Interior design has seen a resurgence of the decorative effects of materials that had been neglected for a long time, such as copper and brass or wallpaper, supported by the growing presence of natural elements in the home, in their rough, lived-in, antique state.
The practice known as creative recycling also demonstrates a new attitude to the environment, with the aid of handcrafts and do-it-yourself, aspects which have been amplified in recent years on the social networks. 
The result is a trend for recovering objects and finding new and different uses for them (tables, containers, glassware, lamps, chairs and benches, to mention only a few examples), looking to the past for inspiration for new creative, original and innovative ideas.
The creation of surfaces for the home inspired by materials of the past with a highly characteristic texture follows this trend, also in view of the improvements proposed for floor and wall coverings in 2019.
All this is, we must emphasise, underlined by contamination: in addition to inspiration from other times, as we have mentioned, inspiration for contemporary design is now the result of combinations of different cultures and a variety of forms, volumes and colours from all corners of the world.
This trend also includes Magneto, the new GranitiFiandre collection presented at Cersaie 2018: 6 different colours and materials (Gold, Rust, Corten, Arctic, Silver and Carbon) all sharing the fascination of rough, lived-in materials, contaminated by unusual metallic effects and oxidation.
In Magneto, Fiandre explores a great variety of different hues, tactile and visual effects, gradation and contrasting colours.
This aesthetic variety permits a high degree of customisation of spaces, adding character and personality to the highlights and shadows of each individual tile and the overall laying scheme.
The basic material inspiring the Magneto collection is the material that lies at the heart of all buildings, cement, proposed in a collection of porcelain tiles with metallic finishes.
Magneto offers "the answer to the desire to write stories in spaces, to define them in an original way and make them truly unique". 
The look of this material combines traditional and contemporary design in a balance of opposites, such as, for example, the domination of cold or warm hues, or of light and dark colours, “with a special focus on light".
The importance of light in Magneto tiles may come as a surprise, considering their rough, textured nature. The result is a surface in which proportion and harmony stand out silently, a surface ideal for today’s spaces characterised by great personality, from homes and public spaces to the contract and retail markets.
What’s more, the Magneto collection is designed to interact with the new DYS (Design Your Slab) technology, thanks to which "designers, creative artists and clients can express their own style through unique customised creations". 
Customisation of spaces is a must in interior design today, a challenge Fiandre addresses with its unique, innovative high-quality products.
Creativity comes into the picture in qualities such as the geometric figures that recur on the surfaces they form: an original way of transforming spaces and giving them character, passing from the geometric dimension to the material one, so that light makes every space and every interior decorating style unique and personal.

Marco Privato


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