Improving the quality of the kitchen with a functional, rational countertop

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Wellness in the home is the most sought-after aspect of design today. Comfort in the kitchen is largely a question of organisation of space and use of quality ceramic surfaces. SapienStone offers a vast catalogue of elegant kitchen countertops in dark colours, adding warmth, elegance and harmony for enjoying everyday life in the most important room in the house

Improving the quality of the kitchen with a functional, rational countertop
Today’s kitchens can be inspired by countless design proposals, all attractive and stimulating in both visual and tactile terms, which can easily be combined and customised.
The principal kitchen brands offer a vast range of solutions that vary widely, while all sharing the function and intention of optimal organisation of this important room in the home.
But if we need to identify a central point in contemporary kitchen design, it is only natural to focus on rationalisation of the work surface. 
This important step in design permits optimal use of space, creating the ideal place in which to prepare food or enjoy a family meal in perfect serenity.
It is by no means superfluous to focus on these considerations, which should not be taken for granted, especially during the long lockdown currently underway, as we all attempt to return to normality, or the new normal, reconsidering our needs and priorities and those of our families.
Most of us now spend practically all our time indoors, and so creating an environment that is good for us, our work and our human relationships is of essential importance, as demonstrated by specific disciplines such as environmental psychology and the psychology of dwelling.
In aesthetic terms, the practicality of today’s worktops, tables and kitchen countertops has an impact on all aspects of contemporary kitchen design. 
All the principal styles and trends for the kitchen can be adopted for this purpose: from the minimalist style, with its simple lines, pure shapes and monochrome colour schemes, to a modern version of classic style and personal combinations of different materials (primarily stone, wood and metal).
These functional, aesthetically attractive projects incorporate the principal design proposals of recent years, such as retractable systems and integration with the living room wherever possible.
SapienStone (link) is a high-quality porcelain countertop brand in the Iris Ceramica Group, an international group of companies which sets the standard world-wide for research and experimentation with innovative interior design solutions.
Drawing on the Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of experience working with ceramics, SapienStone offers a tangible contribution to the world of surfaces, with a series of technical and aesthetic benefits for the kitchen.
SapienStone surfaces are high-performing and customisable: porcelain kitchen countertops are designed in response to the specific requirements of people who use their kitchens every day, at home or at work.
Key benefits of SapienStone countertops include the excellence of the best Italian design and maximum practicality in response to the strictest requirements for resistance, hygiene and durability.
The brand offers a vast, highly varied catalogue (link) including a complete range of surface textures and finishes (natural, glossy, and semi-gloss). The result is an exclusive item of furniture appropriate for any decorating style, from the most modern to the most traditional.
The many available textures "impeccably reinterpret precious marbles, cements and natural stones and dress up the kitchen in harmony with the tastes and lifestyles of the people who use it".
Dark surfaces are definitely one of the most interesting and innovative kitchen countertop trends to emerge in recent years.
The gallery presents a number of SapienStone surfaces in dark hues, including Black Diamond (link), Dark Marquina (link) and Noir (link).
Black Diamond is a new maxi-slab representing the meeting-point between a high-performing ceramic product and designer furniture. Refined, original Black Diamond is the perfect surface for social occasions and get-togethers, whether business or personal”; its subtle pale veins are inclusions that add value to marble-effect ceramic and add a touch of originality and comfort to the room.
Intense yet refined Dark Marquina reflects the character of one of Spain’s best-known marbles. With a black background livened up by thin veins and white stripes, this is the perfect surface for elegant spaces with a bold personality.
Monochrome Noir stands out for its versatility, "fitting into both traditional and modern spaces, in combination with any kind of furniture". Warm, mysterious Noir adds atmosphere to the kitchen with its delicate presence imbuing the room with subtle harmony and timeless elegance.

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