Fahrenheit GranitiFiandre: floors for a colourful 2018

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Porcelain surfaces from GranitiFiandre’s Fahrenheit collection are the ideal coverings for homes and retail spaces in 2018, both in and outdoors, thanks to the highly versatile potential of a sober and attractive colour palette

Fahrenheit GranitiFiandre: floors for a colourful 2018
Furnishing and decorating trends in 2018 are all about colour and vintage taste, as illustrated by the design trends in the final months of the year.
Vintage furnishings emerge as one of the most popular styles of 2018, including industrial style and Scandinavian style, standing out with the presence of trendy colours such as brass and red.
The design proposals for the new year also mark a return to an intriguing decorative spirit, expressed, for example, in a reinterpretation of traditional wallpaper, improved with new technical features.
Indoor and outdoor home surfaces follow the latest trends in design, aided by the aesthetic contribution of through-coloured GranitiFiandre porcelain.
The many Fiandre floor and wall coverings, in addition to porcelain maxi-slabs in the Maximum collection (300x150 cm. per slab, capable of covering an area measuring 4.5 sqm) and innovative Active eco-active materials use colour as the distinguishing feature of the best home surfaces for 2018.
Often all it takes is a few simple touches to reinvent a space: shifting and reclaiming forgotten objects, colour combinations and contrasts, alternating full and empty spaces, emphasising brightly lit spaces and paying special attention to the details.
The excellence of GranitiFiandre ceramics stands out for its ability to go with any style of furniture, from the most traditional to the most contemporary, passing through the most refined and contemporary styles, such as minimalism.
Practical and highly versatile, Fiandre porcelain continues to be the perfect material for indoor and outdoor surfaces in 2018, proposing a variety of material effects which permit original, personal colour combinations with the latest furnishings and accessories.
Fahrenheit is the Fiandre collection exploring the potential and advantages of colour as the element "determining the style of a space and having a decisive impact on the choice of furniture and accessories".
Available in an exclusive range of carefully selected hues, Fahrenheit is particularly appropriate for ultra-contemporary spaces.
Its colour palette is ordered by colour temperature, from the warm hues of Heat to the refined intermediate white of Cool and the elegant severity of dark grey Frost.
The simple, attractive hues of Fahrenheit appear throughout the inside and outside of the home in 2018, as well as in the contract industry and retail spaces.
Combinable in different shapes and sizes, Fahrenheit high-tech porcelain tiles have two finishes, both characterised by an aesthetic variability that generates pleasing hues and original effects of light and shadow.
They make the ideal surface covering for the sobriety of the minimalist style (as presented in the selection of images appearing in the gallery) or for experimenting with bold combinations in the trendiest interiors, in view of the exclusiveness of the best high-tech ceramics available on the market.

Marco Privato