Dukley Gardens: A luxury resort in Montenegro

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Interior design ideas take form in a luxury resort in Budva, Montenegro. Architect Bogdan Slavica uses porcelain floor and wall coverings that look like marble to express his interior design concept and customise 36 villas and 202 apartments. The expressiveness of porcelain meets nature in a luxury resort.

Dukley Gardens: A luxury resort in Montenegro

Home furnishing ideas take form in the recent interior design project by architect Bogdan Slavica for the Dukley Gardens homes in Montenegro built by NPS Tchoban Voss Architekten BDA of Germany. The key idea behind the entire development was that the architecture would blend in with the natural landscape and pick up on traditional local styles. But it is interesting to note the ability of interior design in this luxury resort by architect Bogdan Slavica to customise each of the 36 villas and 202 apartments of various sizes. 

In this luxury resort, every interior has a stylistic identity of its own, created by the layout and furnishings, the use of porcelain floor and wall tiles that look like marble, and the enchanting Mediterranean gardens.
Dukley Gardens is located on a peninsula called Zavala on the Mediterranean sea in Budva, Montenegro. The construction slopes gently down to the sea, to Guvno and Tanga beaches, the marina, the yacht club, a spa, coffee shops and restaurants. 

A luxury resort designed – especially in the interior design concepts – on the basis of a modern formal vocabulary characterised by minimalist high-tech style which picks up on local stylistic features such as use of stone in the façades, a typical feature of historic buildings in Budva. In this blend of the historic with the contemporary, the interiors of the luxury resort are characterised by a mixture of contemporary and classic styles, emphasising the ability of each home to pay homage to its owners’ character. The bedrooms open directly onto the gardens, eliminating the barriers between indoors and outdoors, while the bathrooms featuring Fiandre porcelain are perfect for contemporary interiors with a personal touch. Architect Bogdan Slavica chose Fiandre floor and wall coverings for the bathrooms, kitchens, stairs and walls. In this specific case, the vast range of tiles in the Marmi Maximum collections with a polished finish in the 300x150 size, Extreme 150x75 with a polished finish and Precious Stones made it possible to characterise and differentiate each home in the luxury resort, leaving the owners of each unit free to express their own style through the floor and wall coverings. Use of large porcelain tiles on the floor and walls adds to the natural brightness of the location.