Marble-like porcelain surfaces: tradition and modernity come together in hotels and resorts

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GranitiFiandre’s high-tech marble-like porcelain surfaces add to the charm of Dukley Gardens, a luxury resort that stands out for its atmosphere successfully combining tradition and modernity in the magnificent natural setting of the Montenegro Coast

Marble-like porcelain surfaces: tradition and modernity come together in hotels and resorts
Among their many possible applications as floor and wall covers, porcelain tiles are particularly well-suited to the interiors of hotels, residences and luxury resorts. 
Many interior architects are choosing high-tech porcelain for both new buildings and renovation projects: a preference that demonstrates the benefits of this material, well-suited to withstanding frequent cleaning and stress in public places of this type, and is also a precise expressive choice, in view of the multitude of material effects distinguishing the collections.
GranitiFiandre has supplied porcelain floor and wall coverings for numeroushotels in Italy and abroad.
Hotels featuring GranitiFiandre porcelain floor and wall coverings include: Cleveland Residence (USA); the Seminarzentrum in Schwaighof (St. Pölten, Austria); Hotel Russia in St. Petersburg (Russia); Hotel Ronceray Opera in Paris (France); and JWC 2nd Avenue in Ginza (Japan).
These different projects, locations and moods all share the same purpose of welcoming guests and making sure they come back by offering top quality facilities and services, with carefully studied use of structural materials and coverings contributing to creation of an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.
The Dukley Gardens resort in Budva (Montenegro) is a very good example of use of GranitiFiandre tiles in a holiday resort.
The interior design by architect Bogdan Slavica (with the German studio NPS Tchoban Voss Architekten BDA) successfully combines the fascinating context of landscape, contemporary high-tech design and ability to blend in with the local architectural style.
A resort directly overlooking the Adriatic Sea, only a few metres from the beach and from luxury facilities (yacht club, spa), with traditional stone façades, naturally combining tradition with modernity.
Using porcelain tiles inspired by the look of marble (Marmi Maximum, Marmi Extreme) and sophisticated precious stones (Precious Stones), the bathrooms, kitchens and staircases of Dukley Gardens are enriched with hues, light and veins.
In the hotel rooms, with direct access from outside, porcelain surfaces make the most of the natural light typical of the coast.

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