Ultra Ariostea: floors and walls for luxury hotels and villas in the Mediterranean


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The Ultra Ariostea porcelain stoneware covers the floors and walls of luxury hotels and villas on the Mediterranean Sea, contributing to the creation of a new aesthetics of building projects: it naturally blends in the Mediterranean architectural tradition and its stunning, bright landscapes overlooking the sea

Ultra Ariostea: floors and walls for luxury hotels and villas in the Mediterranean
In the Mediterranean basin, surfaces have always played a fundamental role in defining the identity of all buildings, from private houses to public spaces, from small hotels to luxury hotels and residence.
In the local tradition, internal and external coverings are characterised by the massive presence of the colour white.
Thanks to its capacity to reflect the sun rays, its natural brightness and the high availability of stones that easy to process, the colour white has played a major role in the Mediterranean aesthetics for ages. To date, it is the predominant colour and the point of reference for building renovations and extensions.
Today, the wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles available in all formats expands and defines the range of products for surface covering. 
In the past few years, thanks to its range of high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles Ultra Ariostea has been active in the Mediterranean area with a series of projects for exclusive hotels and villas on the sea
The expressive power of the latest generation technical porcelain stoneware of Ultra Ariostea allows for a constant dialogue between landscapes, existing architecture and new buildings, giving a touch of contemporaneity to a new building culture.
It is the case of the Eagles Villas, the recently “designed 40 luxury villas with swimming pools overlooking the sea”  built in the Chalkidiki peninsula, in Greece, by 3SK Stylianidis Architects in collaboration with French designer Fabienne Spahn.
The project objective was "to conserve the Mediterranean identity of the surrounding area while incorporating a subtle modern influence". Ultra Ariostea contributed to the project with the flooring of all villas; Ultra Marmi “Covelano” Shiny and Onice Grigio Shiny tiles were used for the bathrooms and the restaurant restrooms; Legni High Tech Rovere Reale tiles were used for the hall and reception, and Pietre High Tech and Pietra Piasentina tiles were used for the external and internal swimming pools and the restaurant terrace.
The important renovation of the Hotel Ambassador of Mykonos, designed by Galal Mahmoud (GM Architects) was performed with the contribution of the Ultra Ariostea tiles. 
In the close relationship between this historical hotel and the island of Mykonos, the Ambassador Hotel expressive power is enhanced by the aesthetics of its internal environments, including terrace, swimming pools, spa and boutique, as well as by its garden and complex in general, which is in turn perfectly blended in the Chalkidiki environment.
The Ultra coverings contribute to the welcoming and peaceful atmosphere of the Hotel with the Iron Iron and Silver hues of the Ultra iCementi series of cement-effect tiles Ultra iCementi, the luminous Iridium Bianco on the floor of the hotel rooms, and the original Silicio variant from the Silicio of Ultra Resine collection, on the floor of the breakfast room and the restaurant.
In the Chalkidiki Islands, Ultra Ariostea also cladded the extra luxury facilities of the Royal and Imperial Hotel, belonging to the prestigious and well-known organisation Leading Hotels of the World (LHW).
In both hotels, Iridium Bianco is "a solution created to emphasise daylight, both indoors and outdoors", perfect for different environments (rooms and suites, fitness centres, dining areas and halls used for conferences, events and shows), contributing to the feel of ease and comfort.

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