Ultra Ariostea: the best surfaces for hotels, resorts and SPAs

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Ultra Ariostea surfaces have been chosen for their unique combination of technical and aesthetic properties in hospitality environments like resorts immersed in unspoilt nature or SPAs and wellness areas in leading hotels.

Ultra Ariostea: the best surfaces for hotels, resorts and SPAs
Today, for a truly relaxing holiday, architecture and design bring a clear identity to hospitality spaces.
All of the most elegant hotels, resorts and SPAs place the physical and psychological dimension of guests, as well as the familiar and social dimension, at the heart of an architectural project.
Design is expressed through forms and modules that promote a balance of mind and body, in an uninterrupted relationship between architecture, the environment and nature.
The presence of elements like plants, water, steam, light and the sounds of nature, are a part of that language that attenuates the frenetic everyday rhythms, through long holidays or short breaks, offering a better quality of life and the precious value of time for oneself.
Since 1961 Ariostea, a leader in high tech ceramics, has given designer surfaces prestige, strength, functionality and expressiveness, always focussing the utmost attention on the environment and on people.
Floors and coverings in di Ultra Ariostea maxi slabs, are installed in some of the best wellness and hospitality spaces , as can be seen in these images.
The excellent quality of Ultra Ariostea has allowed the architects to reinterpret some of "the rarest, most elegant and costly natural products and to improve their technical features and quality ".
Ultra iCementi, Ultra Iridium and Ultra Resine are the three Ariostea slab collections chosen for the floor in the important renovation project of the5-star Hotel Ambassador on Mykonos, overlooking the beach at Platis Gialos. 
A member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux luxury chain, at the Ambassador you can truly immerse yourself in a dreamlike, timeless atmosphere in which "the eye is immediately drawn to the sea”, with the classic combination of white and blue that enhances every architectural and natural space.
One of the famous Leading Hotels of the World, l'The Imperial on Mykonos sees the harmony of Iridium Bianco slabs laid transversally in various spaces like rooms and suites, fitness centres, restaurant and conference, events and performance spaces, contributing to the experience of ease and comfort in a truly paradisiacal space, in the natural setting of the Cyclades archipelago.
In the SPA and wellness area of theHotel Alexander in Livigno (interior design by STUDIO CIVICO 46, architects Elena Ogna and Marzia Castelli), Ultra Resine (in Calce, Piombo and Ebano) and Ultra Pietre (in Basaltina White) slabs create a sophisticated and extremely relaxing environment, where the splendour created by the surfaces allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of total comfort, like at theEncore Ramada Hotel in Bologna (architect Elena Ogna) which has Ultra Marmi (Statuario Altissimo) and Ultra iCementi (Iron, Silver and Graphite).

Marco Privato