Hygiene, beauty and comfort: redesigning spaces in the home and outdoor areas

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Offering properties such as resistance, easy cleaning and inalterability, Ariostea ceramic slabs are perfect for today’s homes, offices, restaurants and public spaces. Practicality and beauty come together in aesthetic high-tech ceramics, with the specific goal of improving the quality of spaces and quality of life

	Hygiene, beauty and comfort: redesigning spaces in the home and outdoor areas</div>
This year’s protracted quarantine has inevitably led people to reflect on the spaces in the home in new ways: from the functionality and practicality of interior design to the best ways of using outdoor spaces both large and small.
These issues have been the principal subject of research in contemporary design for many years now, perennially in search of proposals capable of balancing form and function, wellness and aesthetic variety. 
But at a time like this, these are considerations with a direct impact on all of us, as we attempt to respond to a number of situations we never thought we would see. 
Children who spend all day at home, and need space to move around and play in; convivial spaces that go beyond the timing and logic of individual rooms; the need to make room for intimacy; and the need for outdoor spaces that can be used in perfect comfort, not only during the time we dedicate to gardening, are examples of the new needs we have discovered.
Rethinking the use of space in the home and outdoors means reflecting on a number of aspects which, now and in the near future, will represent essential steps, not only in the home but in the office, in shops and in public places.
At least three of these aspects are worthy of special attention: hygiene, comfort, and inalterability of materials over time.
In choosing the best interior design for the home we need to focus on proposals that combine these three factors, in order to improve the quality of spaces and therefore quality of life.
As the principal elements of contact, surfaces are one of the design products we need to pay the most attention to, for both interiors and exteriors.
Ceramic surfaces in particular guarantee compliance with these factors, by virtue of their unique technical properties of resistance, compactness and durability.
The gallery presents a number of solutions proposed by Ariostea, a leading maker of ceramic surfaces and member of the Iris Ceramica Group, an international leader in innovation and development of top-quality ceramic slabs Made in Italy.
These solutions represent only a part of the vast Ariostea catalogue proposing solutions combining beauty with technical performance in unique products, exploring the principal effects required by the surfaces market (marble, stone and wood).
Ariostea high-tech ceramic fully complies with the points identified above, as it is a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface requiring very little maintenance without use of special cleaning products. 
Its beauty remains unaltered over the years thanks to high levels of durability and resistance to abrasion and chemical agents. 
This combination of factors results in a ceramic surface that allows us to enjoy living in our spaces in perfect comfort, in terms of both practicality and versatility, and therefore permits easy combination with different furnishings and styles.
Ariostea’s Legni High-Tech collection is a range of ceramic slabs offering ultra-high performance combining the visual impact of wood with the resistance of porcelain. The product recalls the structure of oak, available in numerous varieties offering a technically superior final result which is non-absorbent and easy to clean, "with no need for treatment before or after laying or in the years that follow".
High-tech porcelain slabs are available in a design similar to planks of wood, including special pieces, with a thickness of 1 cm.
The beauty of Ariostea wood-effect surfaces can also be used outdoors, thanks to the CM2 solution offering a series of benefits thanks to its 2 centimetre thickness.
The material’s numerous benefits include easy laying and inspection, even in the presence of wiring and piping, and resistance to atmospheric agents, extreme temperatures (frost, direct sunlight), mechanical stress and tread.
CM2 can be laid dry directly over gravel, sand, grass or concrete slabs; it can also be applied as raised flooring over an adjustable or fixed substrate, with a number of specific features depending on size.
The high-tech woods available in the CM2 line are Rovere Cenere, Grigio, Tundra, Sabbia, Briccola, and Impero.
This vast collection of Ariostea surfaces for in and outdoor use includes a response for all the principal requirements of everyday living, with easy, creative solutions that are good for the environment and for human health, and capable of preserving all the beauty of ceramic slabs over the years.

Marco Privato


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