Design trends for 2022: the timeless attraction of the new Marmi Maximum marbles

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The marble look is one of the keys to this year’s new design trends, taking advantage of the great aesthetic variety of this timeless material. Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ new Marmi Maximum materials, a recent addition to the catalogue, present ceramic maxi-slabs in the classic varieties of white, grey and black alongside innovative, original Lepanto Rubino and Divine Blue and fascinating multi-coloured Breccia Mirabile

Design trends for 2022: the timeless attraction of the new Marmi Maximum marbles
The design trends of 2022 present surfaces featuring a great variety of colours adding value to spaces in the home, hotels and spas, shops and showrooms, bars and restaurants, medical clinics and corporate offices. 
Everyone is looking forward to spring, and already in the winter months product catalogues and social networks abound in bright colours and refined, luminous textures ideal for creating spaces with a calm, reassuring atmosphere in which we feel perfectly at ease.

The many materials capable of triggering these sensations at first glance include marble, a product that continues to be a key to the interiors of 2022.
High-tech ceramic, a material offering unrivalled performance thanks to its strength, durability, versatility and practically zero water absorption, has over the past few years explored the unmatched charm of the best marbles from all over the world.
Reproduction of this timeless look has resulted in a high-performance material that may be used either indoors or outdoors, customised to suit requirements, or used in the production of sophisticated furniture.
Excellent examples of this trend may be found in the catalogue of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, a world leader in the ceramics industry. 
Fiandre’s Marmi Maximum surfaces have set the technical and aesthetic standard for many years with their large sizes (up to 4.5 sqm covered with a single 300x150 cm slab of ceramic), variety of sub-multiples and finishes only 6 mm thick.
Together, these technical properties make Fiandre slabs very easy to mix and match and to keep clean, qualifying them as highly versatile materials for residential, public and commercial applications.
The vast Marmi Maximum collection has been expended in recent months with innovative proposals including nine splendid new varieties of marble, the Bardiglio Sublime, Breccia Mirabile, Calacatta Dorato, Cremo Superiore, Lepanto Rubino, Nero Damascato, Divine Blue, Grand Carnico and Majestic Onyx lines.
As the selection of images demonstrates, the palette of these new colours for 2022 is vast, embracing timeless whites and greys with the contemporary addition of black and, above all, the introduction of a number of interesting new colours.

Lepanto Rubino, for example, is a surface with a purple and burgundy background interrupted here and there by darker intrusions in cold hues, over which an irregular, unpredictable grid of light veins unfolds. A true masterpiece of nature, this highly decorative surface for interior design captivates the viewer with its "uniform yet infinitely variable aesthetic identity".
Divine Blue is an intense, precious, exotic blue marble surface that dominates the room immediately. Rare and precious, this marble has an innate statuary quality combined with comforting lightness. Symmetrical shapes in vibrant colours, achieved through bookmatching, "perfectly enhance every trace and shade – from a sharp, very light vein to green or cobalt blue pigments, making all traces and hues stand out – from sharp ultra-light veining to green and cobalt pigmentation".
Breccia Mirabile is another boldly decorative marble, based on a marble from the Apuan Alps that has been quarried for centuries. Breccia Mirabile stands out for its bold freeform multi-coloured veining including a multitude of colours against a warm white background: from a binder in classic purplish hues to shades of green and pink, with ripples of gold here and there.

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