Design trends for 2021: the innovative Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica homestyle

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Interior design in 2021 will be oriented toward a very personalised contemporary style centring around dependable materials in a vast choice of colours, such as beautiful high-tech ceramic slabs. Anticipating the trends of the months to come, Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica continues to surprise with its most recent collections, Liquid Stone, City Lights and Alurock, confirming the highly experimental and evocative nature of the two companies’ highly successful partnership

Design trends for 2021: the innovative Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica homestyle
Interior design trends for 2021 feature spaces in which the most technologically advanced materials appear alongside those of natural inspiration to create an attractive hybrid look.
At first glance, the interior design style of 2021 still appears to fit into the contemporary trend, not passively following in its tracks but by laying the foundations for creating our own custom-designed spaces.
Building on trends that have been consolidated over the years, such as the minimalism inspiring many of today’s decorating styles, top design for 2021 involves the addition of elements, materials, situations and details that make all the difference to create truly unique spaces.
This is not really a revolutionary concept, but a need that most likely arises out of our times. While surrounding ourselves with pleasing, relaxing furnishings and objects, we do not want to create spaces that are too cold, aseptic and bare, despite their essentially minimalist inspiration.
What makes the difference is above all creativity and personal taste in custom tailoring for the homes and workplaces where we live our daily lives.
The colour palette of floor and wall coverings will also be expanded in 2021. 
Alongside timeless blacks and whites and the classic neutral hues that have been the key to design in recent years, we are now seeing the emergence of boldly expressive dark colours adding character to spaces with a touch of elegance and refinement. These include trendy hues of blue and green.
Decoration, also expressed through printing systems applied directly to wall coverings, continues to be a growing trend, an element that can truly personalise living spaces in a few simple steps.
When it comes to surface coverings, it is above all high-tech ceramic that introduces the most interesting new developments, as revealed by the production of the Iris Ceramica Group, an internationally prominent group of manufacturers of top-quality ceramic surfaces.
The absolute technical quality of the materials and the latest aesthetic trends clearly emerge in the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica homestyle produced under a partnership between the two Italian brands since 2016, renewed in a number of recent new collections such as Liquid Stone, City Lights and Alurock.
Diesel Living was established in 2008 and stood out right away for its ability to add a unique touch of personality to homes and interiors, reflecting "Diesel’s typical freewheeling approach to design". 
A series of partnerships with well-known furniture, accessories and flooring brands underlines Diesel Living’s strong drive toward experimentation, with an open-minded approach that rewrites the mood of the most conventional styles and proposes a new iconography of living. 
Drawing on know-how dating back to 1961, Iris Ceramica is now one of the key brands in the world of ceramics. In addition to its unrivalled technical quality, the company’s numerous collections stand out for the great variety of textures, effects and sizes that have characterised the company’s ceramics over recent decades, as demonstrated by numerous international awards.
The Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica brands have produced numerous collections together over the years, characterised by a boldly experimental and evocative attitude that often produces truly surprising and original surfaces.
The most recent of these include Alurock, a collection of underground inspiration in which the surface textures of the materials are concrete yet dynamic, with irregular tone-on-tone colouring. The cold reflections of the night in dark hues such as Black and Indigo contrast with lighter neutral hues such as Steel, Lightbeige and White in a colour palette "that becomes the mirror of an extravagant everyday life".
Liquid Stone comes in 6 versions (Black, Bronze, Inox, Moss, Mud and Sand), all substantially with a very natural neutral background colour. What makes the difference between them is the "fluid, dynamic" stripes crossing their surfaces in a sort of hypnotic dance, a continuous motion representing ever-changing stones and spaces.
City Lights is, as its name suggests, a collection in a much more contemporary urban mood. A dense grid of little squares creates a "pixelated" surface in which seven different colours form a subtle, blended sequence of delicate light effects.
The three new Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections offer original proposals for covering materials for interior design in 2021, offering a highly expressive approach to the creation of tailor-made surface coverings and furnishings.

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