Design ideas for 2019: customising spaces with the neutral hues of Musa+

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The neutral colours of GranitiFiandre’s Musa+, including the new Dune and Shadow versions presented at Cersaie along with the innovative Honed finish, are ideal for covering surfaces in spaces of contemporary design, suggesting new sources of inspiration for floors and walls. All while permitting contamination of different styles and the utmost customisation, thanks to a great variety of available shapes, including decorative pieces, hexagons and lozenges

Design ideas for 2019: customising spaces with the neutral hues of Musa+
Porcelain will continue to be the best ceramic material for indoor and outdoor wall and floor coverings in 2019.
With a growing range of tiles, special forms and decorative pieces, porcelain covers the entire range of top-quality contemporary surfaces, from wood to stone and the most precious marbles.
The refined effects created with porcelain popular among design trends for 2019 include floors and walls inspired by resins and cements.
The main reason for the popularity of these surfaces is their colour palette based on neutral hues, colours which enhance porcelain’s innate ability to go with any furnishings and fabrics, even those in the brightest colours, permitting exciting experiments and bold new combinations.
The technical and aesthetic versatility of today’s ceramics not only encourages creativity but responds to a number of today’s design musts: contamination of different styles and genres and customisation of spaces.
Neutral and basic colours are ideal for creating special effects with different shapes, balancing volumes and redesigning spaces with a few simple colour combinations: the Musa+ collection by GranitiFiandre offers a tangible example of how this expressive potential can be applied to everyday life, from residential to retail applications.
Musa+ is "inspiration on the spur of the moment, the memory of an instant; it is the desire to create", elegantly underlining any style with its neutral palette of colours found in nature, in common soils, sands and rocks, designed and selected for an eclectic form of contemporary design permitting cross-contamination of different styles.
The Musa+ colour palette is clearly the collection’s strong point, ranging from Chalk white to Midnight black; from earthy Clay to brown Umber and grey Pearl.
GranitiFiandre’s Musa+ colour palette was recently expanded with the presentation at Cersaie 2018 of two intense new colours, Dune created with warm hues of sand and Shadow exploring the nuances of graphite grey.
Adding to this already vast product range is the new Honed finish with a brilliant look and a velvety feel, permitting easy cleaning and maintenance
The new Honed finish, which leaves evident traces of its apparent imperfection on the surface, is added to the Relief finish, in which "time wears down the surfaces, lending them a vintage appearance that tells a hundred tales", and the Glossy finish, inspired by water’s ability to erode and consume, even while imbuing surfaces with new life.
In addition, Musa+ is available in a great variety of forms in the catalogue, including slabs, strips, boards, hexagons and lozenges.
These special pieces make floors and walls truly unique, with "numerous possible combinations exploring different styles and suggesting new trends".
Potential applications of Musa+ might include the Nordic style, with its preference for purity of line, sobriety of form and simple hues reflecting cosy Scandinavian spaces. 
In this context, use of natural, apparently unworked materials and finishes is preferable, a form of elegance expressed through understatement. The result is a welcoming, warm and protective atmosphere in which light brightens up surfaces that are intentionally left unrefined.
Musa+ also reveals all its expressive power in spaces of modern design, as will be apparent in this gallery featuring pastel hues and iridescent glass surfaces. 
These are spaces where the key features are absence and silence, giving the room a timeless, highly intimate mood with refined, clean forms.

Marco Privato