Decorating and customising spaces with high-tech ceramic: DYS - Design Your Slabs

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To add character and personality to spaces of all kinds, or simply bring new life and colour to walls, the on-demand DYS - Design your slabs service can reproduce any image or illustration on ceramic maxi-slabs. 
DYS adds to the potential of creativity: from surfaces in the home to places for entertainment or fitness, wall and floor coverings become unique expressions of unmistakeable, original design

Decorating and customising spaces with high-tech ceramic: DYS - Design Your Slabs
Various forms of decoration have come back into vogue in recent years as a key design solution, after being neglected in many contemporary styles.
A highly expressive and attractive element, decoration can easily become a catalyst in interior design, or a secondary component if limited to a few items, colours and adjustments.
In the case of surface coverings, decoration normally has a bold visual impact, as demonstrated by the example of wallpaper, which has made a comeback in recent years, or the success of decorated glass and metal, wall paintings and wall stickers.
Many of these solutions are appropriate for particular rooms in the home (the kitchen, bathroom, or children’s room) but also new possibilities outside the home.
In places for dining, wellness and fitness, as in many offices and schools , decorating walls or multipurpose panels can be an interesting solution for providing information and directions, playing down the overall atmosphere or livening it up with a variety of colours and shapes.
Decorating walls becomes fun, creative and never banal, especially considering the many new techniques that allow us to come up with and implement solutions and effects that were unthinkable until only a few years ago.
In addition to the beauty of decoration, it is worth noting how these steps can be used to create unique and original customised spaces.
Living, working or simply spending a few hours in a pleasant place significantly improves not only our psychological and physical well-being, but our productivity and satisfaction.
For all these reasons, designers have developed technical methods facilitating the various stages in decoration, particularly on surfaces.
One obvious example of this is DYS - Design Your Slabs, an on-demand service offered by the Iris Ceramica Group permitting any kind of image to be reproduced on high-tech ceramic maxi-slabs
A landmark on the international ceramics market, the Iris Ceramica Group boasts 60 years of experience in the world of surface coverings. A pioneer in numerous interior design solutions since 1961, the Group has always been oriented toward the utmost innovation.
In this sense, DYS represents a new step in this long and outstanding process of evolution of its production which the Iris Ceramica Group offers in the catalogue of its many brands of high-tech ceramic slabs.
Thanks to the potential offered by the latest new digital technologies, DYS - Design Your Slabs can be used to come up with a multitude of original decorating ideas on a great variety of different surfaces in a variety of sizes: "from large slabs, to obtain eye-catching visual continuity, to smaller variants, ideal for creating beautiful aesthetic compositions".
What kinds of decoration can become a part of our interiors? 
From the simplest ideas to the most complex projects, DYS can make any image into an item of decoration on an outstanding high-performance material, high-tech ceramic.
The gallery shows a few examples of how flowers, plants and landscapes can be reproduced down to the tiniest details, with hues and textures of natural, artistic, geometric, abstract or optical inspiration, as well as photographic reproductions.
The details of the project may be discussed in collaboration with experts from the company’s workshops.
Design Your Slabs offers three different solutions for giving form and substance to ceramic surface coverings, starting "by designing your custom graphics in transparency on the surface of the slabs, applying it to completely cover the ceramic material, or with the exclusive luxury system, using metallic inks with exceptional yield aesthetics, both in transparency mode and covering the slab".
DYS can even be used outdoors, creating attractive façades, walls or other constructions of great appeal and long-lasting construction.
High-tech ceramic offers unmatched resistance due to the nature of the material, associated with safety and dependability, in terms of both the technology and the materials, ensuring that its optimal colour performance remains unchanged over the years.

Marco Privato

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