Classic and contemporary, timeless and elegant: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ Il Veneziano

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An important example of a classic flooring material with a contemporary twist, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ Il Veneziano collection revives the charm of Venetian terrazzo flooring. Fragmented materials and the dynamism of skilfully contrasting colours underline a collection of bold expressive power, characterised by a great variety of inclusions on a soft, subtle, background in neutral hues.
Il Veneziano is a versatile material that maintains its original handcrafted, decorative flavour, an elegant surface covering for public and private, residential and commercial spaces

Classic and contemporary, timeless and elegant: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ Il Veneziano
Classic and contemporary blend together in numerous home furnishings and decorating styles adapting traditional and handcrafted materials to the needs of today.
The two have even been combined to create the new classic contemporary style, combining the timeless quality and values of the two trends to create a new look of refined elegance.
Classic contemporary interiors reveal the beauty of decorative work, curtains, upholstery, and refined and inlaid forms in elements such as lamps or woodwork.
Unlike the Minimalist style, architectural elements may include columns, arches, fireplaces, decorated ceilings and moulding; as always, surfaces play a decisive role.
In a context with a preference for the warm colours associated with hospitality and sociality, floor and wall coverings include marble, wood and stone effects in a warm, neutral colour palette ensuring perfect freedom to add contrasting colours, for instance in fabrics.
On the basis of this overall orientation, customisation defines the specific identity of spaces, being careful not to pack the room full of too much furniture, but to maintain visual freedom and essential practicality.
This classic contemporary trend showcases a number of new developments in high-tech ceramic: a sector which has played a key role in the evolution of design and in the proposal of products and materials for architecture, construction and indoor and outdoor furnishings for many years.
Il Veneziano is a brand new collection from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces offering an excellent example of a classic surface reinterpreted in a contemporary light.
A top brand in the Iris Ceramica Group, Fiandre is one of the world’s most prominent makers of ceramic surfaces.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces offers its vast catalogue of collections of full-body porcelain in more than 110 countries all over the world, proposing a vast choice of surface covering solutions for all kinds of applications, from the contract industry to wellness centres, touching on all aspects of residential projects and responding to the demands of contemporary construction and living.
Il Veneziano is a new collection added to the 2021 catalogue that brings back the timeless charm of Venetian terrazzo flooring, an ancient, noble handcrafting tradition particularly popular in fifteenth-century Venetian palaces.
The Venetians perfected the art of terrazzo flooring first created and developed in classical times, as demonstrated by its use in ancient Greek and Roman villas, with the inclusion of marble fragments adding aesthetic quality and resistance to wear. 
Fiandre’s Il Veneziano flooring revives the appeal of randomly sprinkled grit and chips of stone, combining it with the outstanding performance of the Iris Ceramica Group’s full-body porcelain.
The colour effects created in the slabs offer an important range of expressive and physical properties: easy installation, a choice of either natural or polished finish, five sizes only ten millimetres thick and six different colours: Candido, Argento, Nero, Beige, Miele, and Bruno.
The soft, delicate background colours underline the dramatic value and abstract look suggested by the individual surfaces, all of which are enveloped in timeless elegance and architectural nobility
The surface is naturally perfect for covering surfaces in spaces of all kinds: from refined and luxurious residential projects to commercial spaces, restaurants, medical facilities and leisure centres.
On request (minimum order per project: 1000 square metres), these materials are also available with the ACTIVE SURFACES effect: an antibacterial and antiviral, anti-pollutant and self-cleaning surface treatment that represents one of the most innovative new developments in the industry, the product of years of hard work and sensibility to issues of environmental sustainability on the part of the Iris Ceramica Group.
The result of a patented technology developed in partnership with the Chemistry Department of the University of Milan (with ISO-certified effectiveness), ACTIVE SURFACES significantly improve indoor quality of life and health.
Characterised by use of an active ingredient employing photocatalysis, ACTIVE SURFACES make use of a process of oxidation which leads to the breakdown of organic and inorganic pollutants in the presence of air and light, either natural or artificial.
The exclusive combination of titanium dioxide and silver ensures that ACTIVE SURFACES perform their protective action in the presence of LED light, and even in the dark.

Marco Privato