Classic and contemporary new SapienStone kitchens

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SapienStone porcelain surfaces explore new colours and attractive combinations to enhance the best quality material for kitchen countertops, peninsulas and islands allowing you to make the most of your kitchen every day. Resistant, practical and unalterable, the new Calacatta Macchia Vecchia and Platinum White surfaces combine all the character and charm of marble with a bold yet sober style abounding in detail

Classic and contemporary new SapienStone kitchens
Today’s kitchen is the most frequently used room in the home, a convivial space not only for preparing daily meals but a true social place used at all times of day by everyone in the family, as well as the family pet!
The choice of the best kitchen these days often aims for the perfect compromise between personal taste, the style of the home and practicality.
But, now more than ever, it is the surfaces in the kitchen, rather than other objects, appliances or furnishings, that are assigned an importance that is more than aesthetic, representing a constant support subject to different kinds of stress at frequent intervals.
From school textbooks to bags of groceries, from boiling hot pots and pans to frozen foods, from sharp utensils to acidic liquids: all kinds of things come into contact with our kitchen tables, countertops, islands and peninsulas every day.
There is always a risk of causing wear and tear on these surfaces even when they are relatively new, unless we make the right choice and use a material that is resistant, compact and unalterable over the years.
The best product offering this kind of performance is without a doubt top quality porcelain, with technical certification placing it at the top of the list of the best covering materials for the kitchen and for all other spaces in the home, both indoors and outdoors.
High-tech porcelain is in fact a strictly non-absorbent material guaranteeing great resistance to scratching, temperature excursions and chemicals: all properties important in a kitchen countertop.
Aesthetic performance is another very important factor in the choice of the best kitchen surfaces, guiding us toward the vast range of textures and colours of porcelain.
With more than 50 years of know-how behind it, the Iris Ceramica Group is a world leader in the production of high-tech porcelain, combining Italy’s centuries-old tradition of making ceramics with the steadily advancing technology that has made it a landmark in the industry worldwide.
Recognition of these qualities and a capillary presence in more than 100 countries have made the Iris Ceramica Group’s products increasingly popular for covering surfaces of all kinds. 
The Iris Ceramica Group’s many brands and high-tech ceramic collections may be found in the contract industry, wellness and hospitality facilities, public works projects and community facilities such as hospitals, medical clinics and healthcare centres, thanks to the very high standards of performance and hygiene achieved by its surfaces.
For residential projects, the Group offers the SapienStone brand of kitchen surfaces, now ranked at the top of the best kitchen designs today
The particular features targeting the demands of everyday living of kitchens both large and small (which are often joined onto the living room) deserve special attention and a brand concerned solely with the practical and aesthetic requirements of the kitchen.
In addition to these specific needs, SapienStone products stand out as being full-bodied, with through veins: "this means that the veins that characterize the surface continue and are also visible in the thickness and corners of the countertop itself.” 
The vast range of effects of its collections completes the solutions available to architects and interior design professionals.

The vast range of products available has been expanded recently with a number of new collections, including the fascinating pale colours presented in the gallery here, from the Calacatta Macchia Vecchia and Platinum White collections.
These proposals, paired with other SapienStone surfaces in the images, follow the recent trend toward preference of pale and neutral colours such as beige and shades of grey.
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia is a countertop surface that goes perfectly with "the beautiful creations of pastry-making, which have reached such levels of aesthetic perfection as to be considered a true art".
As gratifying to the senses as a dessert, the collection underlines all the value and elegance of one of the world’s best-loved and most refined marbles. "Embellished here with bold inserts of Rovere Baio, it becomes even more inviting, enough to corrupt even the most upright". Calacatta Macchia Vecchia gives the kitchen a sober yet bold look that emphasises the brightness and wealth of detail of ceramic surfaces.
Platinum White is an excellent choice for fans of classic style with a contemporary twist, harmoniously combining comfort with beauty in spaces "of bold personality, expressing the taste of those who inhabit them". Sober, never banal, Platinum White (combined here with the purity of Uni Ice) is a rigorous choice that leaves no room for the superfluous. The highly practical result is "a home of rare good taste", both elegant and functional.

Marco Privato


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