Ariostea white marble: high-tech ceramic for coverings and furnishings

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An impressive selection of marble-effect textures - many of which are variations on a white base - provide attractive decorative options for the Ultra Ariostea collection, an evocative range of large slabs that has recently been expanded with two new additions: Michelangelo Altissimo and Imperial Grey. Characterised by their remarkable lightness, versatility and durability, the large slabs in the Ultra range go far beyond the idea of a simple wall or floor covering, instead taking on the role of custom-made furnishing accessories capable of meeting the many and varied design requirements for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Ariostea white marble: high-tech ceramic for coverings and furnishings
White remains very much on-trend as a colour for surfaces, even as we move into the final months of 2020, a year that has seen the widespread use of neutral colours in interior design.
Its purity, the extreme luminosity it exudes, its ease of combination and outstanding simplicity as part of colour contrast effects - and much more besides - make it widely-loved and the go-to option for designers everywhere.
The versatile colour par excellence, ever elegant and never boring, for a long time white was confined to the bathroom: the most intimate space in the house and therefore perceived as an extremely delicate place, to be decorated with personal taste and a light touch.
But white has long since crossed these imagined boundaries, establishing itself as one of the most stylish shades for other areas of the house and the benchmark for surfaces for many modern styles, and not just the minimalistic approach.
As it is an enveloping and relaxing colour from a perceptual and emotional point of view, white naturally lends itself to bedrooms and living areas alike.
The kitchen - also often decked out entirely in white - is another space in which white worksurfaces and furnishings continue to be in great demand on the market, in part thanks to cutting-edge materials which offer extremely easy cleaning.
Perhaps the most notable of these is high-tech ceramic, whose high-performance characteristics make it one of the most flexible, long-lasting and durable materials on offer. As such, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and for any use - not just covering walls and floors, but also creating custom furnishings.
When paired with the aesthetic of marble, a material that boasts a wealth of subtle shades of white, the surfaces of high-tech ceramic enhance all the expressive power of a sophisticated and modern design style.
The typical grey veining and dark streaks to be found on a white-base marble become its visual strengths in all the various rooms of a home, increasing its appeal and transforming walls and floors into furnishing elements in their own right.
A leading company in the ceramic sector, since 1961 Ariostea has been manufacturing high-tech porcelain materials at extremely high temperatures (1300°), resulting in products with unique qualities featuring innovative, patented technology, all whilst maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and everyone’s wellbeing.
The large slabs in the Ultra Ariostea collection explore the marble effect in a distinctive way through a range of surfaces, many of which are dedicated to renowned marbles with a white base: from Calacatta Lincoln to Bianco Covelano, Arabescato Statuario to Paonazzetto, and even the latest textural additions: Michelangelo Altissimo and Imperial Grey.
The surfaces in the Ultra Ariostea line stand out not only thanks to the durability and strength typical of high-end porcelain, but also for their ductility and lightness, which are inherent to the very nature of the material and expressed through a dramatically reduced thickness.
As a result, designers can use them to create custom pieces and installations for both indoor and outdoor applications, combining homogeneous, curved and even backlit surfaces which “allow for an innovative use of the material and a modern interpretation of what it means to design”.
Beautiful, functional, modern and highly original objects and accessories are all very much feasible, and can become integral parts of the interior design and daily life, offering added value in the shape of tables, staircases, kitchen worksurfaces and sinks, shelves, doors, seating, consoles and flower boxes.
White marble is exceptionally well-suited to being used to cover and decorate the indoor and outdoor spaces of any home with a harmonious elegance. The latest additions to the Ultra Ariostea range are the handsome Michelangelo Altissimo and Imperial Grey textures.
The white of Michelangelo Altissimo represents a blend of purity and elegance. This particular variety “embodies the beauty and prestige inherent in Italian marble from Carrara”. Its snow-white background is particularly bright and features the furrows of thin veining and soft wisps of grey. Michelangelo Altissimo is suitable for both classical and more contemporary settings, lending any room a refined dynamism and a luminous beauty.
For a bolder, more authoritative look, Imperial Grey has a white base with a dense and original weave of grey veins, tinged with gold.
Inspired by a famous marble from Turkey, Imperial Grey can fill rooms both big and small with its remarkable personality, enhancing design applications such as kitchens, tables and bathroom surfaces.
This particular texture is an evocative and original option which is also ideal for use in elegant sales environments, as well as an enchanting solution for the world of hospitality.

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