All the simplicity of stone and the beauty of marble in Royal Stone from Porcelaingres

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Refined and delicate, yet solemn and essential: that’s the Royal Stone collection of floor and wall coverings from Porcelaingres.
The solidity of stone and the prestige of marble create surfaces with a bold metropolitan look in a neutral colour palette that goes with everything. 
Great Royal Stone maxi-slabs permit continuity in the use of materials between inside and outside, favouring aspects of perception attributed great importance in architecture today, such as extension and continuity of visual space

All the simplicity of stone and the beauty of marble in Royal Stone from Porcelaingres
Surfaces play an increasingly important role in contemporary design, in both new constructions and renovation projects. 
The reason for this is easily identified: floors, walls, coverings and façades make an essential contribution to defining our perception of any architectural project. 
As external elements of the structures defining a space, surfaces have always been a very important component of the aesthetics of any project.
What has changed over the years is the parameters of assessment and appreciation of these surfaces, now increasingly based on aspects of perception and emotion.
The change in the visual culture of the new generations, the vast range of products on offer and the ease of obtaining attractive new information and images are aspects that have made a major contribution to expanding our vision and our approach to contemporary spaces.
If we add to this the changes in a fluid, dynamic society, the potential of today’s new materials and the multifunctionality of many of today’s projects, we may reasonably state that we now have a much greater appreciation of the originality and creativity underlying every single project compared to a few decades ago, when repetition of accepted models recognisable at first glance was common. 
These reflections apply to both projects as a whole and individual indoor spaces
Let us consider the living room and the kitchen, for example: spaces in the home whose original functions have changed to the point of becoming interchangeable, so that we can even do away with the boundaries between the two.
Then there are places of hospitality, which now contain not only lounges and restaurants but fitness and wellness facilities, business premises and meeting rooms.
In view of these changes, surfaces have become one of the elements with the greatest expressive power.
Of the many products available on the market, high-tech ceramic is the top material in terms of both aesthetics and performance.
One important example is the catalogue of collections from Porcelaingres, the German brand in Italy’s Iris Ceramica Group.
Porcelaingres produces top quality porcelain slabs inspired by criteria of sustainability combining cutting-edge technology and creativity in a single product. 
High-tech ceramic products made by Porcelaingres are always highly practical and versatile. Floors and walls both indoors and outdoors offer beauty, safety and prestige in a great variety of settings, from homes to the hospitality industry, restaurants and wellness facilities.
The materials’ flexibility is completed by a series of technical qualities including, thanks to the Iris Ceramica Group’s decades of know-how, aspects such as resistance to impact and scratches, atmospheric agents and UV rays, as well as durability, easy cleaning and low maintenance.
In the true spirit of contemporary design, Porcelaingres gives priority to creativity, the engine and primary source of design, through successful partnerships with clients, architects and designers.
Among its products, the Royal Stone collection stands out as a meeting-point between "the heft of stone and the elegance of marble".
The five surfaces in the Royal Stone collection (Black Diamond, Imperial Brown, Palladium Grey, Noble Beige and Platinum White) offer simplicity with the subtle veining, prestigious clouding and hues typical of delicate stones. 
The result is a highly attractive, original surface, "at once majestic yet minimalist, bold yet delicate", offering the perfect solution for a great variety of settings and interior decorating styles.
The collection is further expanded with the introduction of maxi-slabs (300x150 cm, 150x150 cm, and a series of sub-multiples). This expansion of the range sees the introduction of Great Royal Stone: a collection maintaining the same surface texture and appearance, underlined with uninterrupted material continuity in a thickness of only 6 mm.
Recommended for spaces in contemporary metropolitan style, in both residential and contract applications, Great Royal Stone is available in three colours, Black Diamond, Palladium Grey and Platinum White
Royal Stone and Great Royal Stone maxi-slabs offer an effective, tangible synthesis of the importance of surfaces in today’s projects of all sizes. 
Attraction, prestige and discretion are underlined with earthy neutral colours and textures, creating original custom-designed spaces and leaving plenty of room for inventiveness and combination with furnishings.

Marco Privato


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