Casanova + Hernandez exhibition - Scale & Perception

Christian Richters,

Rotterdam, Berlin, Germany,

Sport & Wellness,


Architecture photographer Christian Richters’ images play a key role in an exhibition focusing on two recent projects by Casanova+Hernandez architectural studios.

Casanova + Hernandez exhibition - Scale & Perception
The exhibition about architectural studio Casanova+Hernandez of Rotterdam which opened recently at the Architektur Galerie in Berlin presents two recent residential projects Ginkgo and "The Black and White Twins" by architects Helena Casanova and Jesus Hernandez, represented from the viewpoint of sensorial perceptions.

The exhibition compares the object-based architectural design practiced by the majority of architects with a form of design based on perception.
The work of architects Casanova + Hernandez is presented in an artistic installation, two different "miniature rooms" presenting the two essential visual aspects of the projects: ginkgo leaves in the first, and the design of the windows in the second. Accompanied by numerous drawings of details and plans, the exhibition centres around images of the buildings by architecture photographer Christian Richters, presenting a way of interpreting the visual perception of buildings from his own personal point of view.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Casanova + Hernandez - Scale & Perception
Dates: May 17 ? June 29 2013
Location: Berlin, Germany
Photos: Christian Richters