Tierra Atacama. Unique experience in the Chilean desert.

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Tierra Atacama. Unique experience in the Chilean desert.
Guests to the Tierra Atacama hotel near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, enjoy a holiday in close contact with nature, respecting local resources and traditions. A team project involving architects, landscapers and interior designers.

The Purcell family, owners and operators of another resort in Chile, recognised the appeal of the Atacama desert to tourists and in 2008 they decided to build a new hotel near San Pedro de Atacama with spectacular views of the Licanacabur volcano.

To put their idea into practice, they called in a multidisciplinary team to handle the architecture, landscaping and interior design. The project site is a long-abandoned cattle corral and the architects decided to incorporate this aspect into their design.

So, they retained some of the old walls made from adobe mud brick, the building material traditionally used by local communities. The exterior windows for the small guest room wings are framed in Corten steel, and exposed stone is used for the main building. Locally made, traditional objects were used for the interior furnishings.

The landscaping project was based on taking the land back to its original agricultural use. This decision is a real plus for the hotel kitchen, which serves seasonal dishes made from the resort’s own produce, thus reducing its environmental impact.
Solar panels produce the electricity for the hotel, which also has a water recycling system, to protect this precious resource in the world’s driest desert.

A place where nature is shown in all its stark beauty, where visitors can enjoy a unique experience, including an unbelievably clear sky full of stars.

Architects: Matías González and Rodrigo Searle
Collaborators: Andrea Borraez and Enrique Colin
Static design: Rodríguez and Silva Asoc.
Ito: Ramón Coz
Construction work: Inca Ltda.
Interior Design: Alexandra Edwards and Carolina Delpiano
Landscaping: Estudio del Paisaje Teresa Moller y Asociados
Architects landscape artists collaborators: Camila Vicari and Josefina Valdés
Built area: approx 3.000 m2
Area: 5,5 há
Predominant materials: adobe mud brick, Talabre stone and glass
Anno: 2008
Link: http://www.tierraatacama.com/
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