Second edition of the Rome architecture festival

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The second edition of SPAM, the Rome architecture festival is running from 9 to 16 October 2020. The event is organized by the Rome association of architects. It draws attention to the problems and issues that govern the urban, social and economic transformations of mega-metropolises in contemporary times, with a specific focus on the Italian capital.

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Second edition of the Rome architecture festival It’s not easy to organize events these days, with a pandemic rushing into its second wave. For that very reason, the second edition of the Rome architecture festival called SPAM, which stands for Settimana del Progetto di Architettura nel Mondo, organized by the Rome association of architects is proposed in two versions. On the one hand, the events with live audiences being held in the splendid backdrop of the Roman Aquarium – also called the House of Architecture – the headquarters of the association of architects, designers, landscape architects and curators of Rome and its province (Ordine degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori di Roma e provincia). The building was inaugurated in 1887 to a design by Architect Ettore Bernich in line with Quintino Sella’s plan to make Rome a centre of science. 
Leading figures on the international architectural scene will take part in the SPAM 2020 events entitled ““NEEDS”, both in person and online, presenting a gratifying combination that can be watched live on the dedicated YouTube channel. Indeed, the House of Architecture will be set up as a TV studio to enable as much interaction and participation as possible, including by video call. This is an effective response to the current world emergency, making the event all the more enjoyable.
Following the first edition, in 2020 the festival also aims to deliver an up-to-date overview of international design, with the involvement of architects, scholars and critics, professionals, artists, and institutions. In the 2019 edition of SPAM, entitled DreamCity, the Rome association of architects invited guests to discuss their “Visions” of the city to an audience of colleagues and citizens of the capital city: images and descriptions of possible futures, with alternative solutions and specific details about the parameters of growth and transformation. Architects are called on to address many aspects of society; these include anticipating and understanding current changes and those that have not yet begun. It is essential to harness their knowledge of these transformations when planning the future. To make this possible, it is necessary to look at the emerging needs that generate mass phenomena and are capable of grabbing people’s attention and channelling it into an essential driver of change. NEEDS analyses these.
Each of the days of the festival will focus on one of the eight themes: FRAGILE, TRANSITION, EDUCATION, HERITAGE, URBAN METABOLISM, HEALTH, LEISURE & GREEN and CO-CITY.
Highlights of the packed programme include a lecture by Javier Arpa Fernández, Research and Education Coordinator of the Why Factory think tank at the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft on day 12, dedicated to the theme of education, and Martin Rein-Cano, landscape architect, founder and creative director of Topotek 1 on day 15 as part of the day on health, leisure & green. The concluding lecture on day 16, which covers the CO-CITY theme, will be delivered by architect and urban planner, Ute Schneider, partner of KCAP architects&planners.
In addition to lectures, focus groups on the themes and round tables to draw attention to the dynamics and mechanisms governing our cities, the festival also includes two exhibitions at the Architect’s House and film evenings. More information on the dedicated site: https://spamroma.com/

Christiane Bürklein

SPAM (Settimana del Progetto di Architettura nel Mondo) Rome Architecture Festival
9 - 16 October 2020
organized by the Rome association of architects and directed by Roberto Grio
Images: see captions
1 - Topotek 1 - Hannover, ph. Hanns Joosten
2 - SPAM
3 - KCAP, Hafencity Hamburg, ph. Elbe&Flut
4-  Topotek1 - Luxemburg, ph. Hanns Joosten 
5 - The Why Factory
6 - KCAP, Hafencity Hamburg, ph. Fotofrizz
7 - Topotek1, Superkilen, ph. Iwan Baan
8 - Topotek1, Graz, ph. N. Lackner
9 - The Why Factory
10 - KCAP, Hafencity Hamburg, ph. Elbe&Flut
Find out more: https://spamroma.com/


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