Kossmann.dejong, storytelling at the airport.

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If you're visiting Amsterdam this summer, Schiphol airport has a brand new offering: the interior design of Lounge 2 by creative agency Kossmann.

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Kossmann.dejong, storytelling at the airport. If you're visiting Amsterdam this summer, Schiphol airport has a brand new offering: the interior design of Lounge 2 by creative agency Kossmann.dejong, as part of the architectural project by Benthem Crouwel NACO.

While plane travel is very handy, its trimmings often leave a lot to be desired, when you think of all those airports with undistinguished, uncomfortable waiting lounges.
Still, you might enjoy your experience if the interior design of the airport lounge is in the hands of a creative agency like Kossman.dejong.

As part of the architectural project by Benthem Crouwel NACO, with Lounge 2 at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam these designers and creatives - known for their design approach based on storytelling (Time Stairs)  - have crafted a real welcoming space rather than a mere place to pass through.

On the second level of Schiphol with extensive views over the runways, the 16,000 square metres of the departures lounge are designed as an integral experience of the journey, not just as a “torment”, based on the concept of a central plaza opening onto seven theme zones.

These zones - Luxury, Family, Travel & Culture, Modern Dutch, See Buy Fly, Fashion & Lifestyle and Care & Wellness - include retail, food and drink, restrooms and seating areas, and travellers are drawn to the environment that suits them best.

In line with their tradition, the Kossmann.dejong designers don't stop at all of this, they add another layer to the space: storytelling. They do this by including extremely eye-catching objects like the video-clock by Dutch designer Maarten Baas, the herd of ceramic cattle, real trees and an aeroplane-shaped structure as a play area that together create a “social lounge”. These elements engage travellers in new experiences, inviting them to interact with other travellers, so much different from the standard airport lounge. 

The creativity of Kossmann.dejong has turned the dead time at the airport into a positive experience, a real part of the journey - for young and old alike - because when you're waiting in a comfortable, stimulating environment it's...a whole new story!
The project is a "Public Space Design Finalist" at the SBID International Design Awards 2016.

Christiane Bürklein

Architect masterplan & engineering: Benthem Crouwel NACO http://benthemcrouwel.com/
Interior Design: Kossmann.dejong, www.kossmanndejong.nl
Light design: Rogier van der Heiden together with Kossmann.dejong and Philips
Animation: Douwe Dijkstra
Clock: Maarten Baas
Realisation interior: Kloosterboer Decor, Gielissen, Roels Spaces, Gispen, ISSOS, Hekker Interieurbouw
Wayfinding: Mijksenaar
Main contractor engineering works: Heijmans
Images: © Thijs Wolzak, courtesy of Kossmann.dejong
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