Hangzhou Neobio Family Park by Li Xiang

Li Xiang – X+Living,

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Hangzhou, China,

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In the wake of the resounding success of the Neobio Family Park in Shanghai, Chinese designer Li Xiang, head of X+Living, has designed a new indoor theme park, this time in Hangzhou.

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Hangzhou Neobio Family Park by Li Xiang In the wake of the resounding success of the Neobio Family Park in Shanghai, Chinese designer Li Xiang, head of X+Living, has designed a new indoor theme park, this time in Hangzhou. Both here and in Shanghai, Li Xiang created several theme areas with different functions to cater for the leisure needs of the whole family.

The first phase of Hangzhou Star Avenue in the metropolis of Hangzhou, China at the mouth of the Qiantang River was rolled out in 2009. This is the first cultural and artistic street in mainland China, approved by the government and relevant authorities. The second part of the shopping mall, Star Avenue Center Two, was inaugurated in December 2015. We're talking about one of the trendiest and most popular shopping and leisure destinations in the Binjiang District. Star Avenue is in an excellent position located close to Jiangling Road Station on the Hangzhou Metro Line 1 making it very easy to get to by public transport.
This sets the scene for the latest work of Li Xiang, director of X+Living, who already designed the Neobio Family Park in Shanghai (link article). Her project in Hangzhou occupies a massive surface area of 8,000 square metres - the whole first floor of Hangzhou Star Avenue Phase II. In order to make room for the  Hangzhou Neobio Family Park, the developer removed all the luxury boutiques on this floor so the designer could use the atrium space to maximum effect. In other words, Li Xiang's project encompassed all the sections of the shopping mall as a whole, thereby refiguring the functions of the entire first-floor area.
For the interior design, the team focused on a coordinated interaction of colours and aesthetics rather than the creation of a particular style. They also took into account the beautiful riverside position of the amusement park for families, using the scenic views as inspiration for the composition of the project.
Using the mall's original layout as the basis, Hangzhou Neobio Family Park was split up into four main areas according to function, each one with multiple complementary spaces. This division took into account the age groups, interests and behaviours of children; at the same time, it brought together entertainment, education and relaxation facilities as part of the activities and interactions between parents and children. The circuits are designed to integrate entertainment activities with more purely educational ones.
The reading area features a spectacular scene referencing a rainbow in the clouds, with multifunctional shelves, while the experiential area showcases abstracted stone elements that form a virtual city for the children. The generously sized relaxation, dining and entertainment area is located in the shopping mall atrium and visually connects the various floors of the building. The creative design approach also includes water games and even rooms for parties, turning the atrium into the real focal point of Star Avenue Center Two and distinctly improving both the overall aesthetic quality of the complex and the user experience
Li Xiang's work with X+Living here means carefully crafted design and perfectly matching colours, and parents and children are loving the experience. Her project also demonstrates the potential of Shopping Malls in contemporary society to be much more than a go-to place for retail therapy.

Christiane Bürklein

Chief designer: Li Xiang
Design team: Ren Lijiao, Chen Xue, Qian Huilan, Fan Chen, Pan Xingchao
Design company: X+LIVING(www.xl-muse.com
Photographer: Shao Feng
Area: 8000 m 2
Completion date: July 2018
Location: F1, Star Avenue Phase II, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, China