DesignInc: 6 Green Star Education Design for Innova 21, Adelaide University (AUS).


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DesignInc: 6 Green Star Education Design for Innova 21, Adelaide University (AUS).
The new Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences Building in Adelaide designed by Australian architectural practice DesignInc has been certified by the Green Building Council of Australia as a 6 Star Green Star Education (V1) building and recently won the Green Building Award.

Innova21 offers the very high indoor quality demanded by the Green Star Education Tool on 8 floors with a total of 14,000 square metres and fits harmoniously into the University of Adelaide campus.

Passive elements such as sunshades and active elements including thermal stacks on the northern wall determine the building's character.

Inside, innovative solutions including Active Slab technology in combination with a system for distributing fresh air under the floor guarantee users’ comfort, along with a programmable lighting system (DALI) and an energy-saving building management system (BMS). All this with the support of a combined heating, cooling and electricity generation system known as “Tri Generation” (or CCHP) located underneath the roof.

The building materials and furnishings were also chosen by DesignInc architectural studios on the basis of the compliance with the criteria of sustainability.

All building data monitored by the BMS is made available to students, making Innova21 a tool for teaching eco-sustainable design to the students who study in the building.

Architecture & Interior Design: DesignInc, http://www.designinc.com.au
Electrical, Mechanical & ESD consultancy: Umow Lai
Hydraulic, Fire Services, Vertical Transportation: Bestec
Structural, Civil & Façade Engineer: Aurecon
Landscape Architecture: Outlines
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Photo credits: Diana Snape, courtesy by DesignInc, http://www.designinc.com.au
Awards: United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards – Green Building Award - 2012
Australian Institute of Architects – National Award for Sustainable Architecture - 2011
Australian Institute of Architects – SA (South Australia) Architecture Awards - Sustainable Architecture Award - 2011


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