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We’re taking a look at our “Best of 2019” to close the year. Starting with hotels, a category that gets people dreaming and that often anticipates the trends we end up seeing in our homes. From the United States to China, from Germany to Japan to Canada, here are our favourite hotels for 2019.

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The Best of Livegreenblog 2019: hotels Bringing back a landmark building to its former glory and fitting it out for a new use was the task of the team of MCR and MORSE Development for the iconic TWA Flight Center designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962 at New York’s JFK airport. The facility had been abandoned for almost two decades because the parking bays were too narrow for side-by-side widebody jets; it was given a makeover and repurposed as the first-class, LEED-certified TWA Hotel. Connected to JFK Airport’s Terminal 5 by the iconic tubes designed by Saarinen, the TWA Hotel is sure to become a new highlight for architecture and design lovers everywhere, and even if you’re not staying here you can still take a dive into the history of last century at the museum celebrating TWA's history and the Jet Age.
Another hotel that really appealed to us is the Blossom Dreams Hotel in Jima Village designed by the Chinese team from Co-Direction Design. Located in Yangshuo, a popular tourist destination and town near Guilin, Guangxi, known for its dramatic karst mountain landscape, winding rivers and eye-catching scenery, the architectural project combines attention to nature with the psychophysical wellbeing of the guests, using design solutions that respect and reflect the traditional range of materials here.
Leaving the Chinese nature, we head to the capital of Germany and the Schulz Hotel, an idea underpinned by the philosophy of its three founders, Sascha Gechter, Oskar Kan and Nizar Rokbani, Berliners and friends for 30 years. A new approach to hospitality that combines the social nature of a hostel with the comfort of a hotel, social aspects with environmental aspects, in its pursuit to be the perfect place for anyone who wants to have a responsible holiday. All overlooking East Side Gallery, the longest piece of the Berlin wall still standing after the reunification of Germany, close to the city’s tourist hotspots, which are within walking or cycling distance, or you can easily use public transport since the Ostbahnhof is practically attached to the hotel. 
A very elegant, special hotel opened just a few months ago in Japan. Aman Kyoto stands far from the hustle and bustle of the crowded touristy spots to the north of Kyoto, hidden away in a secret garden at the foot of the Hidari Daimonji mountain. The architecture project is by Kerry Hill Architects, the firm that also designed the other two high-end Aman hotels in Japan - Aman Tokyo and Amanemu. A place where nature commands: with their project, the team from Kerry Hill Architects have crafted an architectural language that respects the traditional Japanese design reminiscent of Ryokan inns, and at the same time celebrates, protects and brings back to life the unique gardens that set the scene.
Instead, the woodlands of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François in Quebec, Canada are home to an eco-resort based on geodesic architecture, namely Dômes Charlevoix, designed by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects. A project that responds to the desire to combine an appealing holiday in the middle of an enchanting forest with the advantages of a resort that has a limited environmental impact. Each of the domes in the complex cantilevers out to leave the smallest footprint possible. What’s more, the geodesic domes sit on raised wooden decks that blend in with the colours of the surrounding environment. The perfect getaway for a break from the frenetic hustle and bustle routine far from nature.

Christiane Bürklein

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