ADHOC architectes, Your Place at the Table, installation in Montreal

ADHOC architectes,

Raphael Thibodeau,

Montréal, Canada,

urban park, Installation,

Maude Lescarbeau, Camille Blais, Landscaping,

The team from ADHOC architectes is behind the project called Your Place at the Table!, which you can visit in Montreal until October. The installation in Hydro-Quebec park was conceived to allow Montrealers to reappropriate this public space while respecting the regulations laid down by public health officials.

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ADHOC architectes, Your Place at the Table, installation in Montreal In these COVID-19 pandemic times, it’s a challenging task to create moments for shared relaxation. It might be tough, but it’s entirely feasible and can be transformed into something tasteful and filled with flair, as we can see in Montreal, Canada. Your Place at the Table! Is one of the 3 TULIPs - “Terrasses Urbaines Libres au Public” - three public spaces that have been designed in downtown Montreal by renowned architectural firms and designers. The TULIPs are public services that work hand-in-hand with the local traders and cultural and art attractions. These “urban terraces” enable people to make the most of the enjoyable summer and autumn weather to get out and rediscover their city, something to shake them out of the torpor of spring under lockdown. At the same time, local stakeholders are looking for ways to kick-start the economy and promote culture to support traders and artists and revive the city’s downtown, specifically the area bounded by Atwater, Sherbrooke, Papineau streets and the St. Lawrence River.
So ADHOC architectes was appointed to create an art installation that would attract and stimulate traffic in the Quartier des Spectacles while maintaining social distancing measures. 
ADHOC architectes worked with the graphic designers Maude Lescarbeau and Camille Blais to produce their installation. Your Place at the Table! is located in Hydro-Quebec park, designed by Claude Cormier et Associés (2008-2012), and the recipient of multiple awards for its eco-friendly features. ADHOC architectes has now added a social component to this 3260m2 site, turning it into a new urban terrace. Basically, the architects have created a 100-metre long “urban table”, carefully embedded in the empty areas and winding around the existing furniture and trees like a bright yellow decorative ribbon. 
Vibrant, custom graphic signage and cleverly-designed lighting brighten up this environment, creating a welcome atmosphere by day and night. The festive colour palette reaches out to passers-by and introduces a clear contrast with the natural shades of the park. The public is invited to enjoy the table in its entirety and the points set up with eclectic collections of recycled objects. These iconic, food-related objects have been cleverly positioned to creatively and subtly foster social distancing between the users. The space redesigned by ADHOC architectes seats 80 and acts as extra space for 22 local restaurants reopening nearby. 
In conclusion, the project is a proposal for a new way of collective and safe sharing at a difficult time for communities. Your Place at the Table! by ADHOC architectes has been designed as a moment to take time out from our routine, to eat and drink, during the day or at night, sitting down or standing, with friends, families, partners or on your own. In Montreal, you can socialise, and you can do it without breaking any of the applicable health, hygiene and social distancing regulations.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: ADHOC architectes 
Location: Montreal, Canada
Year: 2020
Images: Raphaël Thibodeau