Area-17, Carlo Ratti and Iris Ceramica in the supermarket of the future in Milan

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Where will we go shopping in the future? In a supermarket where everything is only a click away! Architectural practice Area-17 designed a store of this kind for Coop in Bicocca Village, on the basis of experimental concepts developed and presented by Carlo Ratti Associati in the Coop pavilion at Expo 2015, covering the surfaces with Iris Ceramica porcelain.

Area-17, Carlo Ratti and Iris Ceramica in the supermarket of the future in Milan

Augmented labelling and multimedia shopping technologies are no longer a thing of the future: they have become reality in Milan, where the architects of Area-17 have applied concepts developed by Carlo Ratti Associati to an actual store. The result is the Coop Group’s Supermarket of the Future in Bicocca Village.

Area-17 and INRES have created a space with a welcoming atmosphere, created with the warm hues of Iris Ceramica porcelain. The interior design makes the buying experience easy and immediate, and the route is clear and intuitive for users thanks to low display units arranged in a linear geometric configuration.
This is the setting for use of the advanced technology designed by Carlo Ratti Associati and presented as a prototype in the Future Food District at Expo 2015, which the editorial staff of Floornature visited. The supermarket’s 1000 square metres contain more than 170 monitors, interactive tables and videowalls with real time data informing consumers on the origins and characteristics of products, the presence of allergens, nutritional values, related products and promotions, as well as waste disposal instructions. Buyers receive all the information required to make an informed decision and a diet with a low environmental impact.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Technologies developed and patented by Carlo Ratti Associati
Design: Area-17, Inres Coop
IT: Accenture
Visual Identity: Studio FM Milano

Location: Bicocca Village - Milan, Italy
Photos: Michele Versaci, Inres-Coop