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Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners combine elements of classical Roman architecture such as columns and capitals with minimalist elements in the interior design of the Davide Cenci Junior Store.

Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners Davide Cenci Junior Store Roma

The past and the future play together in the interior design by architectural studio Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners for the junior store of the Davide Cenci brand.
Memories of the site's classical past are evident in this project in Rome, in a piazza that was once the site of a temple of Mars. Interior design on a scale appropriate for children combines elements of classical architecture such as the Ionic column at the entrance with minimalist forms.
The junior store has a joyful, colourful atmosphere reinforced by the lights set into the perimeter and display structures and diffused through backlit sheets of PVC covering the building's original vaults.
The need to use vertical surfaces for exhibiting the garments for sale, offers the architects an opportunity to design a playful display system. Shoes, for example, are displayed on colourful free climb hooks, while clothing is hung on special wooden hangers and draped over shapes with luminous signs, as if in a big game of paper dolls with interchangeable outfits. A metal spiral staircase, a flexible display system and wooden furnishings complete the spaces in the store.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners (Massimo Alvisi, Junko Kirimoto, Alessandra Spiezia, Arabella Rocca)
Location: Rome, Italy

Images courtesy of Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners, ph. Anna Galante



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