2016 Architect of the Year award and Architects' Festival in Venice

Mirko Franzoso, Alejandro Aravena,

Venice, Italy, Turin,

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The 2016 Architects' Festival was held on November 18 and 19, during the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, Reporting From the Front, curated by Alejandro Aravena at La Biennale di Venezia, where the winners of the Italian Architect of 2016, Young talent in Italian Architecture of 2016 and Reuse 05: Sustainable Urban Regeneration prizes were announced.

2016 Architect of the Year award and Architects' Festival in Venice

Werner Tscholl is the winner of the “Italian Architect of 2016” award presented at the Architects' Festival, an initiative organised by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservation Workers of Italy. The third edition of the competition was held during the 15th International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia, curated by Alejandro Aravena and chaired by Paolo Baratta, at Ca' Giustinian in Venice.

In their motivation, the judges emphasised Werner Tscholl's “strong roots in the physical and social context he works in” and his buildings that help determine the character of places, balancing local building traditions with innovative vocabulary in “a form of architecture which always reveals a desire to present the culture and history of places”.
Two other awards were also presented at the Architects' Festival. Architect Mirko Franzoso was named “Young Talent in Italian Architecture of 2016” for his “New social home for the town of Caltron'a Cles (TN)”.
The “Reuse 05 Sustainable Urban Regeneration” award was presented to Lillo Giglia Architecture in the Architects category, as head of the project team “QUID vicololuna” in Favara (Ag); while the winner in the Universities, Institutions, Foundations and Associations category is Stefania Manzo, as head of the project team: “Open-air visitors' area at”, Lorusso and Cutugno Prison in Turin (To).

(Agnese Bifulco)

1-2: Werner Tscholl, Cinema MMM Firmian, Bolzano photo by Alexa Rainer
3: Mirko Franzoso, New Social Home in Caltron photo by Mariano Dallago
4: Lillo Giglia Architecture, Quid vicololuna photo by Calogero e Salvatore Giglia
5: Stefania Manzo, Valerio Fogliati, Irene Cossu, Lorusso and Cutugno Prison, Turin photo by Attilio Piano



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