The winners of the 2017 International Piranesi Award

Bernardo Bader, Mirko Franzoso, Feld72,

Piran, Slovenia,


Chapel Salgenreute in Krumbach by architect Bernardo Bader has won the 2017 International Piranesi Award, while honourable mentions were awarded to architect Mirko Franzoso, studio Feld72 and the students of Zagreb University.

The winners of the 2017 International Piranesi Award

The International Piranesi Award presented in November is named after the famous Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi because of his ties with the city of Piran, Slovenia, which hosts an annual architecture conference known as Piran Days of Architecture. Established in 1989 and enriched in 2008 with a special section for students, the award is presented to architectural projects built in a number of countries in eastern and southern Europe: Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The 2017 Piranesi Award was presented to Chapel Salgenreute in Krumbach, Austria, by architect Bernardo Bader. The judges praised its virtuous combination of architecture and local construction technologies, using wood as a building material. A project combining architectural form and space with spirituality, nature and light.

Honourable mentions were awarded:
to studio Feld72 for a nursery school in Valdaora di sotto (Niederolang), Italy,
to architect Mirko Franzoso for Casa sociale Caltron in Cles (Tn), Italy.

The Piranesi Student Honorable Mention went to the Floating Pool Parasite project in Rijeka, Croatia, by students from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Zagreb University: Robert Barbir, Nika Bralić, Ivana Brzović, Ivan Bulian.

(Agnese Bifulco)


Chapel Salgenreute
Architects: Bernardo Bader Architekten
Location: Krumbach, Austria
Photo: Adolf Bereuter

Kindergarten Niederolang, Olang/Italy
Architects: Feld72 Architekten
Collaborators: Marino Fei, Carl Friederich, David Kovařik, Therese Leick, Gerhard Mair, Edoardo Nobili
Location: Valdaora di sotto (Niederolang) - Italy
Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

New social house in Caltron
Architects: Mirko Franzoso Architects
Location: Cles (Tn), Italy
Photo: Mariano Dallago

Floating Pool Parasite, Rijeka, Croatia, 2017
Students: Robert Barbir, Nika Bralić, Ivana Brzović, Ivan Bulian
Mentors: Prof. Mateo Biluš, doc. Vedran Duplančić, doc. Zorana Protić, Faculty of architecture and urban planning Zagreb