TMZ by Rapt Studio

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TMZ asked Rapt Studio to design the interiors of its new offices. The design is rough, contemporary, and conceived in continuity with the brand’s visual identity: from the architecture, a big warehouse, to the materials, such as concrete and metal, down to the decorative elements.

TMZ by Rapt Studio

What TMZ asked Rapt Studio to do in designing the interiors of its new office space was to create a collaborative workspace that would give concrete form to the brand’s values and visuals and serve the company’s purpose of working with news. This is why the location, a 35000sqf abandoned warehouse, now contains such rough materials as metal and concrete.
Great importance was assigned to the newsroom, a highly practical 9000sqf area that serves as both a shared office space and a stage set. But it is the details that make it complete: the graffiti on the walls and the map of Los Angeles showing the “Thirty Mile Zone” after which the company is named. One characteristic feature of the scene is the bombs hanging from the ceiling, symbolising TMZ’s explosive way of making news.

Francesco Cibati

Design: Rapt Studio
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Year: 2013
Surface area: 35000 sqf
Images courtesy of Rapt Studio