Somerville House by Naturehumaine

Stéphane Rasselet, Naturehumaine,

Adrien Williams,

Essen, Montréal, Canada,

Loft, Apartment,

Stéphane Rasselet has signed his name to a new project. Somerville House is a home on four floors, whose interiors the Canadian architects, naturehumaine, have redesigned in a minimalist key, with great attention to detail.

Somerville House by Naturehumaine

A Canadian couple with two children have decided to change the style of their home. As it was built in the 1970s, together with many other similar buildings, the exterior could not be altered. Thus the naturehumaine architecture studio concentrated entirely on the interior, giving it the minimalist and sophisticated style that is the hallmark of Stéphane Rasselet, founder of the studio.

The four floors that make up Somerville house are angular and have pale shades: white, grey, black and wood. This is the colour palette of a minimalist architect. Large spaces, wide windows and an obsession with detail at every level are the features of projects by naturehumaine. What makes this project unusual is the cavaedium that runs vertically through three floors, letting the light enter every space and giving a touch of magnificence to the home.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Montréal, QC, Canada
Year: 2017
Project: naturehumaine – www.naturehumaine.com
Photos: Adrien Williams


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