Rapt Studio, Vans Headquarters


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Skate, branding and interior design: the interiors of the Vans headquarters in Cypress, CA are designed to be consistent with the brand’s values: an “Off The Wall”, energetic visual design.

Rapt Studio, Vans Headquarters

The design of the offices reflects the brand’s values. The skateboard underlies the visual design as well as the interiors. Vans commissioned Rapt Studio to design the spaces in its headquarters in Orange County.

Inspired by the cultural background that has determined the brand’s character for the last forty years or so and the mood of its stores all over the world, the offices convey all the energy inherent in the Vans name.
The company’s headquarters are located in what used to be an electronics warehouse. The design brings to mind the brand’s values through the photographs and graphics on the walls of the entire building, while the wooden trusses refer to the skateboard associated with the brand.

The facility, which employees can get around on their skateboards, is a theoretical, visual and material expression of the Vans identity.

Francesco Cibati

Design: Rapt Studio
Location: Cyprus, CA, USA
Area: 9755sqm / 105000sf
Year: 2008
Photos: Benny Chan
Client: Vans



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