Rapt Studio for Trulia: homes and communities

San Francisco, California, USA, USA,

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Rapt Studio of California designed the interior of the Trulia building. Trulia is an online real estate agency that uses communities to find the best solutions; Rapt Studio has given the company’s physical space a brand identity in line with its visual marketing.

Rapt Studio for Trulia: homes and communities

Rapt Studio specialises in branding strategies and interior design, and has worked for major clients such as Google, Vans, Adobe and Linkedin. This project was for Trulia, an online real estate agency whose strong point is building communities. "Trulia unites people with their homes, and homes with their communities". The main goal of the Californian studio’s project was to convey the idea of an ever-growing community in the company’s physical offices, portraying the very essence of Trulia.

The concept that gives form to the project is the rings on a tree trunk: from the entrance, a number of different "rings" of changing furniture, materials and styles converge on the centre of the building. The concentric shape recalls the idea of a community that is strengthened to reach the "heart" of Trulia. The concept is sometimes expressed literally in the wooden finishes and the openings in the roof, like the bark of a tree.

Everything in the project is designed to recreate the atmosphere of a home, including the freedom of expression characterising the big windows that let daylight into the building. The lights and furnishings, the treatment of the walls and the spatial configurations create true living rooms on various levels. Crowning it all, the spaces have been decorated with little objects from the home: house numbers, locks, keys, handles and door jambs.
The result is a space where people can work just as easily and happily as if they were relaxing at home. What more could anyone want from a company dedicated to finding the perfect homes for people?

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2014
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Photos: Courtesy of Rapt Studio



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