Rafael Moneo, Principe de Asturias award

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The winner in the Art category of the Principe de Asturias award is Spanish Rafael Moneo.

Rafael Moneo, Principe de Asturias award
The Principe de Asturias award is a prestigious Spanish prize instituted by the foundation of the same name in 1980, presented annually to a person or organisation standing out in a particular field (culture, art, the sciences, sports, etc.) and helping to enrich the community.

The award in the Art section is presented to actors, musicians, artists and photographers all over the world, not just in Spain; the award for architecture was presented to Rafael Moneo in 2012, Norman Foster in 2009, Santiago Calatrava in 1999, Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza in 1993 and Oscar Niemeyer in 1989.

Rafael Moneo commented on the award and pointed out that it was a wonderful present for his 75th birthday, which he appreciated even more because it came from his homeland. The judges underlined his role as a master of architecture in both the professional and academic spheres and called his project a serene, orderly design that enriches urban spaces.

(Agnese Bifulco)

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