Porcelain stoneware tiles for interior design


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The Sensible White and Pietralavica Darkgrey interior porcelain stoneware tile collections by Eiffelgres were chosen by architect Rosalba Talletti for the interior design of a Neapolitan residence.

Porcelain stoneware tiles for interior design Architect Rosalba Talletti chose the Pietralavica Darkgrey and Sensible White porcelain stoneware tile range by Eiffelgres for the flooring and interior refurbishment in a recently renovated apartment in Naples.

The spacious, bright living room with its functional and practical space is the strong point of the residence. The architect has used contrasting colours to highlight the furniture with simple and essential lines. The Pietralavica Darkgrey floor tile by Eiffelgres has been chosen in a dark tonality which emphasises the contrast with the light walls. The 60x90 tile size reduces joint fragmentation which is an excellent choice for covering large surfaces of internal floors with slabs of high quality porcelain stoneware tiles for interiors.

In the simple but refined bathrooms the dark, natural stone floors continue the contrasting game with the 90x30 snow-whiteSensible Sign White interior wall tiling by Eiffelgres.

Project: arch. Rosalba Talletti
Location: Naples, Italy
Gallery: courtesy of Eiffelgres
Materials used:  Tiles in porcelain stoneware for interior design Pietralavica Darkgrey by Eiffelgres, tiles in porcelain stoneware for bathrooms 90x30 Sensible Sign White by Eiffelgres.