Odile Decq, Phantom restaurant Opéra Garnier

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The Opéra Garnier restaurant is now open to the public, after architect Odile Decq injected it with a new life.

Odile Decq, Phantom restaurant Opéra Garnier

"Phantom" is named after the famous Phantom that haunted the Opera house; the columns of the original building’s eastern façade hide the sinuous, curved forms of the mezzanine designed by architect Odile Decq for the new Opéra Garnier restaurant in Paris.

Forced to work within the constraints of heritage building regulations, architect Odile Decq could not touch the stone surfaces or the actual structure, and she had to adapt her interior design to enable the space to revert to its original state, ensuring that every new element was removable. She worked around these constraints by turning the restaurant façade into an undulating glass wave held in place only by a bent steel band that follows the curved ceiling and is anchored to the upper cornices of the columns, 6 metres above the floor.

Basic, absolute colours like white, black and red are used for the furnishings and coverings, distinguishing the restaurant’s spaces.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Project: Odile Decq
Location: Paris, France
Photos: courtesy of Odile Decq Architecte