Norihiko Dan Chikei exhibition at Architektur Galerie Berlino

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The Architektur Galerie in Berlin has been transformed into an abstract landscape by an installation on multiple levels. Japanese architect Norihiko Dan created the project for the Chikei exhibition about his work, which opened on January 22 2016.

Norihiko Dan Chikei exhibition at Architektur Galerie Berlino

The exhibition that opened recently at Architektur Galerie Berlin focuses on the work of Japanese architect Norihiko Dan.
The gallery has been transformed into an abstract landscape with an installation on different levels enriched with big sheets of paper folded by the architect using special techniques as well as models and images of his architectural projects.
The exhibition title, "Chikei", is a Japanese word that cannot be simply translated by the English word “landform”. Chikei refers to a portion of the earth’s surface that permits animals and plants to live on it, as well as the base on which to build constructions that human beings use to “separate themselves” and protect themselves from the land.
Architect Norihiko Dan believes that the form of the land can be an important resource for architecture, even though people often excavate and flatten the earth’s surface. For this reason the architect identifies the constructions dug into the stone in Cappadocia (Turkey) and the Yaodong homes on the Loess plateau in China as two examples of perfect synthesis of architecture and Chikei.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Norihiko Dan Chikei
Dates: 22 January – 27 February 2016
Location: Architektur Galerie Berlin, Germany

Images courtesy Architektur Galerie Berlin and Norihiko Dan



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